Topcoat on Your Topcoat on…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve let my friend borrowed both of my cameras for the weekend to play around so she can decide what kind of camera she wants. I won’t be able to finish Cherudim’s photoshoot for awhile… nor start another project because I can’t take WISP shots >_>.  Amazing how Gunpla blogs are so dependent on cameras xD. Well, this means I can probably start playing SRW Z again or do my homework haha. Anywayyyy… Got another shipment of topcoat in today and it’ll be my last because with this batch, I’m guaranteed to cover the rest of my entire “Future Projects” plus maybe 3-4 more extra models. No more topcoat buying! You can check ebay but damn are they expensive ($20 for 2; no way did I paid that much though) @.@



60 thoughts on “Topcoat on Your Topcoat on…

  1. WAIT!!! Guys lets put this top coat thing aside first! I just realized a BIGGER issue. It was a SHE who borrowed Z’s camera. As a gunpla blogger, the importance of a camera is like the importance of a rifle to a soldier, you can’t proceed on the battlefield without it…..And yet, our beloved Z lent his camera to the girl….hmmm… suspicious don’t you think guys?

    Five possibilities.
    1. Z has finally got a girlfriend.
    2. Z has a crush on the girl.
    3. Z is the kindest person in the world.
    4. Z was drunk when he promised the girl
    5. Z was on crack when he promised the girl

    So which one do you think guys?

  2. methink Z got his topcoats from the girl. which would explain how he got it through the ban. which also explains the girl.

    elementary my dear watson.

    1. Yea with the amount I’ve spent on the cans, I could’ve bought myself an airbrush by now but… I don’t paint and I do plan on “retiring” from Gunpla after my “future project” page is done so this is fine ^^.

      1. But with the amount of stuff on your future project page it’ll take you at least a year to finish it all. And more cool stuff might come out by then!

  3. Lemie guess, you bought it from the ebay guy that ships from Hong Kong? Cause if so I bought 1 can for $12 =( Couldn’t convince my family to stock up on topcoat while on trip in Hong Kong, $5 a can there, and send it all back for about ($7 for a small box, probably like $30-50 for Z’s boxes) and monopolize on selling topcoat

  4. Z, i cant find mr.topcoat at any online store.. can u suggest one that sells mr.topcoat?

    i did find some laquer based top coats like gunze sangyo’s mr.superclear and testor’s dullcote. so, are laquer based top coats a good alternative if i cant find any online that are water based?

    1. it’s a bit expensive but ebay sells mr. topcoat.

      I never tried any other top coat before so can’t really help you there ^^;

  5. hey z, just a noob question, how do you apply your topcoat, is it before or after you assemble the kit…

    and also do you apply it on the kit by part, for example: right leg, left arm, upper body etc…

    i want to try it on my gundam as well, as of now, i have 24 MG, and im a little confused on how to use topcoat, and also it is semi gloss or flat top coat?

    thanks in advance!!

    1. From Z’s “My Tools” page:

      “- First top coat the elbows and knees first without outer armor. Let dry.

      – Put on outer armor. Top coat. Let dry. Spray anywhere I miss. Let dry.

      – Spray all over the final assembled model for good measure.

      Typically, one layer is plenty enough. Any more layers will only be visible in person and gets harder to show up on photo.”

      And I believe he said to use matte (flat) top coat.

      1. tnx, i did apply flat topcoat already, only one layer of coat, but i can still see some shine, but the texture is somewhat rough already, is it enough or do i need to add another layer?

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