Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

No camera so had to make do with stock image ^^;. I am very late to the party as I had JUST found out that this game was released in the US. I knew this game existed for the JPN market when it was announced but didn’t look into it at all (kinda drop out of Capcom after MMX6, SFIII and MvC2). When I saw this at my local store, I was like “eh… so it is out in the US… whatever…” until I examined the boxart closely…


HELL ****ING YEAH YOU BET IT IS! The game became an instant-GET. Capcom finally fulfilled my wish of putting Zero in a vs. game! MMX’s sword-wielding ZERO! TToTT Sadly there’s no Strider Hiryu but Karas can take that spot. oh, and special mention to Tekkaman (Teknomanlol) Blade (recent fond memories of it in SRW W). Lastly, Batsu (in the video) will surely be one of my favorites even though I don’t know who he is nor have I ever played Rival School… the moment I heard his first grunt, “GAO! GAI! GAR!” immediately springs to mind. Nobuyuki Hiyama is too awesome :D. Sadly… I can’t play it right now as my family is hogging the main TV where the Wii is u_u

UPDATE: Two hours in- unlocked Zero. **** YEA!


19 thoughts on “Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

  1. i got an autographed poster of this game by the producer at nintendo world for the launch event. pretty fun game, cant wait for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  2. Ah, I saw Zero on the first glance too. I was thinking why no Rockman, when I realised this is more of a melee fighting game. Woah…and Super Robots too?

  3. They should have thrown in some guys from resident evil like Wesker / Leon / Krauser or a zombie or something. ^^

  4. Yeah, everbody loves Zero. I have a little Bandai Kit of him on my TV with MMX next to him.

    This does look great. I really thought “meh” at first too, but it looks pretty awesome.

    One thing I’d point out – lol – 10.34 BILLION DAMAGE! That’s quite a punch.

  5. VIEWTIFUL JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn’t notice untill three seconds ago.
    Also wandering why I came here twice within 1:30 minutes; I guess it’s just that good ;).
    Or did Z inject something into the internet to make us forget we came here / VISUAL DRUG DOSAGE!!!!!! or something…

  6. Oh, it’s Zero from the X series rather than from the Z series! Definitely looks awesome seeing him in combat again~ Not good at vehicle games, and I can’t afford to buy it just for Zero ^^; But it’s definitely great to see him again!

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