Korean Food

Went out for Korean food with friends the other day. Guess we decided to skip the usual kalbi and bulgogi and try something new this time around ^^. Took my XSi along so I can practice shooting food… something I am terrible at.

Daikon and Kimchi. Some Korean restaurants come with like 6-8 different side dishes but this one only serves two… which is good because we can never finish all the side dishes hehe.

Noodles with black pea sauce. Apparently, this dish is seen eaten quite often in k-drama (according to my friends). It’s quite good while it was hot!

Even though the sauce is thick, the flavor was very light and mild.

Squid salad… that is stir-fried. I don’t know the names of any of the Korean dishes I had haha.

Herbal-spiced pork hock and pork ears! Absolutely bomb with rice! I’ve been eating this since I was kid so it was nothing new to me but my friends didn’t like the texture so much; the ears are crunchy and slightly chewy while the hocks are pretty much fat and skin.

Grilled chicken gizzards FTW

Goes right up there with the pork ears! The flavor is subtle so it goes great with shio-abura (a mix of peppered salt and sesame oil)! OISHII TToTT



12 thoughts on “Korean Food

  1. DAMNIT Z!!! y… i just wanted to check if there are any updates for ur gunplaz… and now i’m hungry. didnt even eat breakfast…

    1. I agree… I believe there is a Filipino community there at Portland… maybe there are Kapangpangan Restaurants there for really spicy food XD

    2. Will look into it. I don’t have any filipino friends so it’ll be kinda hard to get any recommendations and I haven’t noticed any restaurants around my area before ^^;.

  2. Korean guy over here! All of this food is very familiar to me of course and I must say you made a pretty good choice of food! Btw, the “noodle with black sea sauce” is called jja jjang myun and its a pretty casual dish in Korean culture (ordered for delivery as frequently as Americans order pizza).

    And people, don’t let descriptions like “pig ears” turn you off. You don’t know what’s good till you’ve tried it, and trust me everything tastes good when its prepared properly

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