Stickers for MG Musha Gundam MK II

For the China release only. Thankfully it is optional on stickers and not actually etched onto the parts. The Gundam has just lost all its menacing aura. Can we get a “OH HELLS NAWWW!!!”?

I don’t doubt someone somewhere out there… will like it ^^;

Taken from Ngee Khiong


43 thoughts on “Stickers for MG Musha Gundam MK II

  1. Maybe a more “translucent look” to it would make it look better. It looks more like a wall ornament or something. To me it just doesn’t look right on a Gundam with horns and bladed weapons.

  2. Did you see the new Gurren Laggan Composite Ver. Ka on Nghee Khiong? I don’t know much about it but it looks nice! It’s got this big-ass drill with two of those shade things that look like boomirangs.

    R u gonna get it, Z?

  3. Wow, the decals are PRETTY.
    And are also pretty misplaced, a little tweaking / reduction in the actual number of decals could make it more appealing.

    Except that it doesn’t look like a terrifying war-machine but rather similar to dolls/whatever you call to give as a gift.

  4. I don’t especially dislike them… if they were DECALS and not FOIL STICKERS (which, i don’t think is totally confirmed), I think it’d be totally badass.

  5. you have no taste for the traditional Japanese style at all. It’s not your Chinese carpet. The pattern stands for the wa-fu warrior spirit if you know what “musha” stands for. It makes the musha gundam very macho and completely bad-ass.
    If you think flower means girlie in every culture, then bad for you!

  6. i just purchase it yesterday.. :)

    *Limited Japanese Traditional Pattern Motif Sticker..

    it enhances “*” style patterns vividly, by using washable marker.

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