Wii Classic Controller Pro GET

So today was the release day for the Wii Classic Controller Pro here in the US (out in Japan since last year -_-), and thought I head over to Gamestop to pick one up since I recently picked up Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (playing the game with the wiimote is sacrilege). Truth be told, I only discovered the existence of this version just last week after I got fed up with using the wiimote for TvC. No matter how you look at it, you can’t deny that it shares more resemblance to the PS2/3 controller than anything Nintendo has ever released >_>.

The whole package is glued shut so you gotta rip the box to get the controller out.

So the second impression I got is that it looks like the SNES controller with ergonomic extensions. The buttons are tactile, quick to pop back up and not spongy-feeling so I guess I can assume it’ll be responsive… important for a fighting game.

Top/face of controller = shiny, glossy (aka fingerprint magnet) surface. Behind/bottom = textured matte plastic

The controller is very plain and very simple… and very light. It almost feels as though it is hollow inside but solid construction nonetheless. I like the weight of the Dual Shock more… then I realized the horror- the controller doesn’t have rumble! OMG! Not too much of a loss but it really takes some of the impact feel out of the game.

Haven’t got the time to take it for a spin yet so no write-up on how it actually performs ^^;. Hope I can use it later tonight if the TV is free…

UPDATE: Got a chance to give it a whirl for an hour or so last night and the controller made me realize just how limiting the wiimote was for TvC. Very responsive and comfortable indeed. Maybe a bit toooo responsive as a slight accidental nick on an adjacent button will cause an input. I feel the buttons are a tad far but a bit too close at the same time. There is some distance from Y to A but I often “nick” the B on occasions (when doing combos) and it sends out my partner to assist ( could change the control for that). The D-pad is also highly responsive and in a sense, not exactly precise… I can just keep “rubbing” the (Z + H) and I’ll be spamming SHORYUUKEN all day. No set backs yet other than it draws power from the wiimote instead of connecting directly to the console (I don’t believe in this wireless controller trend).


28 thoughts on “Wii Classic Controller Pro GET

  1. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom should be played on the arcade stick! I tried playing on my regular classic controller but the arcade stick feels much better.

  2. Hmm, sometimes i see in online news reports that people in UK and US camp and sleep outside shops that sells gaming consoles just to be the first few to grab a new release item the next morning, like PS3 last time…

    Ithis phenomenon common at your place? And do you join? XD

    1. it is very common. They even do this for movies (Star Wars) too. Personally I think it’s stupid but hey, people enjoy it so that’s all it matters. This is why I sit out for Black Friday as well.

      1. i thought movie tickets could be easily “preordered” or bought from the cinema’s websites, early even before the premiere of the movie… =.= I’d prefer to monitor the cinema’s website for updates like monitoring stock markets…

        1. I agree….and with games in the UK, if you preorder them online, you usually get them a few before release date anyways. So…much better!

          You COULD always try queing outside the companies buildings for stock markets. I’m sure that would be fun.

  3. I’ve yet to get a classic controller of any kind, let alone any new decent games. In fact, I’ve been recently just using my Wii to check this (and other) blog(s) out. :) I really should get MK64 or something from the VC to keep me busy (with nostalgia) or WW until I find something. I don’t mind 2D fighters, but it’s not such a big deal for me right now.

      1. that’s true… though most of the weight in a PS controller is from the rumble. the early ps3 ones that didn’t have a rumble pack were SO freaking light!

  4. I..didn’t even know these existed. Wonder when we’ll get them in the UK…? Does look fragile though.

  5. YES! Finally a Nintendo post! (Other than the games, I mean the consoles)

    Aaaannnyywayyy…I’ve been meaning to pick up the classic controler too, but I don’t really see a need for it since I have two Gamecube controllers now…where does that cord at the back plug into? And what’s the difference between the normal and “Pro” anyway? O__o

    Makes me wonder if Nintendo’s just releasing more Classic Controllers to make money…kinda like Bandai selling fifty variations of a Gundam (Exia, Strike, etc.)

    1. the normal (which I think is now discontinued) is flat and just looks almost like the SNES controller… and the Pro is what you see above. The cord plugs into the wiimote. There are also minor differences like the analog sticks being farther apart for comfort, and the shoulder button layout. I grabbed this instead of a gamecube controller because I hate the layout on the gamecube controller >_>

  6. Hello Z I know this is random and everything but I was wondering if you could check out this video I uploaded of my gunpla collection if your not to busy please :D

    1. nice video and even nicer collection you got there. I’m liking the Wing Ver. Ka! I don’t know how to make these slideshow videos but I think it would be even better if you could’ve synced the photos a bit more closely to the tempo of the song though.

      1. I tried but I’m not to good at it since its my first video ^^;
        But anyways thank you for your time and the complements :D

  7. I just realized that the classic controller was designed with PS2/3 players in mind…

    One of Nintendo’s marketing strategies to get PS2/3 players to play the Wii…?

    1. I don’t think that will work…everyone I know and me are all PS3 fanboys, and we all play the Wii anyway. Its problem is with its games >.>

  8. Hey Z,
    This question isn’t about the wii controller but rather about your MG unicorn gundam. In your post, you said you painted the Unicorn’s red parts w/ Tamiya’s clear red..here are my questions:
    1) Was it sprayed on or brushed on?
    2) Was it Acrylic or enamel?
    3) Have you had any issues w/ the clear red scratching/chipping/etc off after some bouts w/ the transformations?

    please let me know when you can, i’d appreciate your response, thanks!

    p.s. I’d say be careful w/ the Mr. Metallic paint; a lot of tamiya’s paints are acrylic but the stuff from Mr. Color line is lacquer, which is really toxic.

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