Packing Up Some Gunplas…

If there is anything that limits the number of gunplas you can have besides money, it is space. Despite the size of my room and the number of Ikea Detolf shelves, I am finally forced to do something that I thought I would never have to- Pack away older models for more display space. This is not a one time thing either and it will be ongoing for as long as I build new models. The first to go are the Zeta Plus A1 and the FA ZZ.

I dreaded taking out this box…

because it’s all the way on the bottom orz… that would only makes sense since it is one of the bigger MG boxes…

Taken apart and into its box it goes… and I just realized I forgot to put its Hyper Mega Cannon in as well (after putting all the boxes back). The whole reason I used it in Cherudim’s review was so I can give it some spotlight before shelving it away >_>.

Truly one of the best Boxarts back in the day… and it still is. Been thinking of ways of rearranging things around so I can fit another Detolf but I’ll figure that out in the summer as I have other things to worry about now (actually, I already have an idea… where my GFF boxes are). Just in case anyone is wondering… I still haven’t started on my next project yet as I’ve got my hands full with other things in life at the moment… Hopefully will start one soon though!


43 thoughts on “Packing Up Some Gunplas…

  1. normally i’ll throw empty runners away, keeping those that I might need it in future. Then the box I will throw away, keeping only the box art which i will flatten it for storage to reduce the space required. I got 50+ model, currently displaying in 3 shelves, most of them just in standing position due to space limitation. So far so good as I still have some space to put a new display shelf or store the box art.

  2. Argh! People have so much room. Im running out of space and I have like…9 models on display. Okay, without the 20 million anime figures I would have more room, but…luckily, i’m moving back home soon. But I can’t keep many boxes. And of course, I want the biggest models and figures possible ¬¬

  3. I don’t really see the need to keep the boxes and the empty runners. For me i just keep the manual in a clear folder file, the rest of the misc stuff i keep it in a ziplock bag. This can help you clear the spaces for the boxes and the kits can go onto the cleared shelves. If you’re keeping the boxes for the pics, i suggest u go online and print it out. It can be get easily on sites

    1. My boxes aren’t on shelves… they are in a tiny little corner of my room where new shelves can’t really fit in (in front of my bed). Therefore, it doesn’t help if I threw them away or reduce them.

  4. You know guys, In order to keep boxes there is a way. Usually i leave the sprue and pack them up into the plastic bag, in which it was sealed in. Then i just put smaller boxes into the bigger one and yeah and just try to fit as much as i can into it one big box. It can save alot of space if you do so. Unfotunately i lost alot of boxes and models and currently dont have to worry about it =D.

  5. Since I collect smaller scale models Detolfs don’t come in much use for me, and I got myself a Billy instead for most of my stuff so far. I guess I am lucky that I can still shove most of my gunpla boxes underneath my bed… For now. Don’t think that can last for very long though.

  6. Yikes, I had to do the same thing a while back. Put away all the old 1/100 Gundam X and 1/100 Endless Waltz models. Probably better since I would come home everyday to see they had fallen over due to the massive balance problems with a lot of them.

    What I did with my Gundam Boxes though since I liked a good amount of the artwork on it was just cut out the cover and get rid of the rest. It dramatically reduced the amount of space it they took up, and I still had the cool box art.

  7. wow, that’s a huge tower of boxes ! :D, i have 6 HGs and 1 MG and so far, i’ve fitted one box inside the other so i have effectively 3 HG boxes :) soon the MG box will become part of the space hunting exercise once i have finished building it :-(

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