Save Your Gunpla Runners!

Here’s an awesome and perfectly valid reason why you should save your gunpla runners instead of throwing/recycling them away… make a gundam model out of them! Of course it will take a great sense of creativity but at least it is still possible!

Given the amount of empty runners I have, I am almost tempted to give this a try one day after all my future projects are done… or heck, use the runners to make a “battlefield”-type display shelf!

A sea of gunpla runners…

Source: Danny Choo


27 thoughts on “Save Your Gunpla Runners!

    1. That’s the Gundam Rasiel. A kit of it was included in an issue of Dengeki Hobby (or was it Hobby Japan?) some time ago. It was all white and you have to paint it though.

  1. Some of you seem to be confusing the above photos as my own project? o_0

    That sea of gunpla runners is not mine either but I’m fairly certain that I have enough runners to recreate it…

  2. Wow…that’s just cool. And good for the environment ^_^

    It’s been my one regret that sometimes we’re so swamped with leftover runners that we’re forced to throw them away lest we run out of space. Why can’t we just melt ’em all down to re-use as we please – or at least find a way to give them back to Bandai for cash or credit towards new model kits?

    Such a waste of high-quality plastic, I tell ya…

  3. I’m too organized in my pack-rat habits (as far as Gunpla goes) to have either happen (especially the sea of runners or the suggested battlefield type). I don’t know why, but when I was done with the runners after building Gunpla, they went back into a package or two from which they were sealed, and back into the box. I have good reason of at least keeping some of them that way (unused parts yet to be used, such as for stands I don’t have or something), but not all of ’em. I mused maybe using the boxes and other items as scenery for display, but not runners themselves.

    Maybe if you dip them in shades of gray (no pun intended) paint, cut them up a bit, stick them with ruined miniaturized buildings, it could work. Or make a cube out of ’em or something; maybe pretend some construction worker in the UC/FC/AC/AW/CC/CE/AD-that-isn’t-our-AD-era had odd methods of construction and decided to implement them?

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