Next Project: A Guy…

But not just any guy though… it’s the Acguy! Haha! I know some of you are waiting for the Red Frame review but I want to work on something even more fresh and completely non-Gundam… so I turn to this awesome little (Ac)guy. Hopefully I’ll have some fun… given the scenario I have in my head. So far I’ve just cut out a few pieces so no WISP to show yet. ’tis the month of May which means many birthdays, midterms, exams, graduations, work and a wedding to attend to and I am just… busy.


25 thoughts on “Next Project: A Guy…

  1. This kit’s articulation and construction really impressed me. A worthy opponent to the Gundam if placed in a diorama, in land or sea. The poses this guy(heh) could do really surprised me. I like this better than the Gyan or even the Gelgoog! The missile launch effect parts are especially nice. Wish more kits had parts like that.

  2. well its the ack guy ^^; though I have little knowledge with this guy, looking forward for that scene you have in mind.. looking for a good laugh lately


    hi Z! im an avid fan of you blog although i don’t comment much, i just salivate on the kits in this blog. i know your a gundam otaku of some sort. the website above shows a modified Acguy. this guy is an “addict!” if you see the modification he did with his acguy, im sure the great Z will also be very jealous of his skills. no offense meant to you, i mean you’re really good and im a big fan and im always checking for your updates in this blog, but this guy is totally wicked!! i’ve seen your post about the astray modification of master keita but that is no match compared to this. trust me when you say you’ll be amazed at what this guy did for his Acguy. i really hope you would someday make gundam mods of your own. btw, i really can’t wait for the mg astray review. :D

    1. his works are good, but you cannot compare him to the works of master keita, just like the smooth and clean finish from master keita, its too far from the works of that guy on the link

    2. Great stuff. Yea… his work is admirable but jealous? Not at all as it is not something I aspire to do ^^. Different modelers have different styles. Anyone who is willing to do more than inking the panel lines will build better models than I do haha!

  4. As far as MGs go, this guy is a pretty relaxed build with fewer pieces and outer details, so it’s probably the perfect choice for your current situation. Have fun~

  5. Hey, Z. A Guy isn’t a little guy! He might look little, but A Guy is actually really a big Guy! He’s like the same height as the MG Gundam! Except he carries that stubby look! That means he’s really really big!

  6. Nice, look forward to seeing progress on this. Non-Gundam Gundam kits are always refreshing (working on MG GN-X now). I know what you mean about being busy, good luck squeezing time for Gunpla in!

  7. Great ! Seeing this kit lying around hobby shop, not sure if ti’s a good buy or not.

    Let’s see from bro’s review to make me bleed lil’ guy !

  8. Well, it’s certainly something different than the usual stuff… but I don’t think I would want to put that on my desk – it scares me a little ;o Maybe if I painted it pink… hmm…

      1. Yeah, that’s probably because before Char get to used Acguy, the more advanced Z’Gok is introduced.

  9. WHOOT! I don’t really know much about this mobile suit, but I love the gimmics and how cute it looks! I think it also comes with three kids and a giant stand. Articulation looks nice too…although I really want it, it’s sold out everywhere…T-T

    I’ve always thought of him as the Air Conditioning Guy. (AC)GUY. xDD

  10. I heard this model was REALLY GREAT. Check out to see his reviews on his Gunpla (he has every single one up to date, including all special collectors item since 1995, the beginning of Gundam Model Kits in Bandai.)
    However the site is all Korean. Use google translator if you must.

  11. And then one man said,” Lets go with Acguy” yet sadly he never got his Rick Acguy approved…

    Aaah May the time for them Bloody exams and did you say wedding, so hows the happy couple?^^

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