Gunpla Annoyances

Going over some of the inevitable “gimmicks” of Gundam models that potentially develops over time and other minor quirks. Sad part about some of the quirks is that they are recurring unless some work is done on the joints. Prepare for a series of ugliness.


The splits

The lean

Too much weight on one side

Umm… too big compared to everything around it?

Saggy weapons (loose joints)

Not a picture of a model but it gets the point across- fallen Gundams

Wings that take up too much space in the display case

Out of place figures and models.

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65 thoughts on “Gunpla Annoyances

  1. I just hate my HGUC Gundam S.. the backpack is damn huge and heavy so I displayed them separately but still, loose knee joints is annoying.

  2. Nothing new…. I have the same problem that you mentioned in the post and also those that I read in the comments sections… the one that I hate the most is those DUST… every month end I always do the cleaning work simply becoz those dust annoyed me so much…. but then again… I can’t stop them… month in month out… they keep on coming….

  3. HAH! I have no problem whatsoever with display space…

    …mainly due to the fact that I have none to speak of.

    All the shelf space in my place is devoted to books, DVDs, and…model kits, but they’re tucked neatly away into their boxes.

    Sad to see them like that, but I do bring them out from time to time to pose and enjoy looking at them. It’ll have to remain that way till I can get a good camera of my own. What meager pics I do have, I’m too ashamed to post anywhere.

    The good thing though, is that my models are wrapped in the plastic bags the runners came in (MGs in particular have a LOT of bags), with weapons/backpacks/wings/accessories wrapped separately and lightly taped shut. Many of my assembled models have been in their bags for several months to a year or so and haven’t gotten a speck of dust on them.

  4. Looseness in unpainted kits and unable to knee down properly. That’s it. Dust? I don’t have much gunpla so I dust everything. ^ ^

  5. Used to have leaning/split/back-heavy..etc problems…until I started investing in action bases/stands! Problem solved!

    BIGGEST and the only annoyance…DUST!

    Somehow they just managed to get into my display detolf…even if i’ve taped up the slits and all. gah.

    and oh…white parts turning yellow. urghh.

  6. DUST!! so far no problem with leaning/split hehehe…
    however some of my old G’s, the white parts are turning yellow, what cause this??? is there a remedy for it??

  7. MG freedom’s wings fall apart too easily if you don’t stretch them out right and it can be a pain.

  8. lol,ive seen the destiny splits on a gundam shop once,
    it was doing the palm beam gimmicks the first few weeks,
    after that,it was doing splits in the display case and actually resting on the wall of the case…
    it really looks as if the Destiny is trying to grab on something,LOL

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  10. I have an HG 1/100 W Gundam Zero Custom.
    The Wing back pack falls off ever so often.
    I have to put the wings on an entirely separate stand and kind of “ninja” it behind the Gundam itself….

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