MG V Dash Coming

Ha… called this from the start of the original MG V.  One of the few good things out of Bandai’s current milking scheme is that you have a pretty good chance of predicting future releases. The V-Dash added much more needed “stuff” to the Gundam so that it’s not so plain (and it’s the variation that I actually do want). I was all ready to “right click>pre-order” until the price came up… 6090 yen. HOLY ****. 6090 YEN?! With shipping, that could be over $80! I might’ve put up with 4500-5000 yen but this sounds kinda ridiculous… but then again, you are getting A LOT of stuff (mainly weapons… and a buzz?) In case you feel like you got played for buying the regular V, Bandai got you covered with the standalone V-Dash stuff (and a display base too!) for ~2300 yen ($30-something dollars with shipping). Either way you combine it, the total for the MG V-Dash is bound to be over $70 unless you get sale deals. I am not throwing it out of my GET window just yet but I’ll see how the final thing looks like first. Damnit Bandai…

As always, source: Ngee Khiong

Now to wait for the MG V2…


35 thoughts on “MG V Dash Coming

    1. I’m not a fan of V Gundam too (actually, I haven’t watched the series, so to be more precise: I’m indifferent ;)), but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a good (and sad) example of how Bandai is milking the gunpla market… Next will probably the Clear Parts version (on this small kit?), then the same course with MG V2… Eh.

  1. I have got 1/100 old v-dash and v2. and I might just stick with that one… this one is so overprice

  2. Hah! At least AmiAmi has it for 4250 yen. That’s definately a better deal. Though for some reason, I just want the core booster pack instead. 1600 is cheap and the booster jet looks pretty nice, but it’d be pretty stupid not to get the V with it. Dangit, I’ve been fenced.

  3. It is exactly the same mold with the backpack which Bandai should have included in the first release… =.= Bandai is purposely releasing them as 2 separate kits eh? Somehow what turned me away from this kit is the size, apparently it is slightly shorter than my HGUC Nu Gundam! It might be mistaken as a regular HGUC kit… =.=

  4. You have no idea how shocking, depressing, disappointed I am when I saw this news over at Ngee Khiong. Why? Just merely 5 hours before I saw the news, I bought MG V ver.Ka at my local hobby shop. Yep….
    Now I’m destined to get the V Core Booster set.

  5. I wonder if i can buy MG Victory Ver Ka + V Core booster set though, because the booster set has a stand included, but MG V-Dash itself doesnt have stand. Victory Ver Ka = 3990yen, booster set = 2310 yen, total is 6300 yen. Extra 210 yen and i get a stand, while an action base is 500yen +…

    1. Not sure it’s worth it. The display base looks like the 1/144 version one (well….I admit V Gundam is small enough though).
      And if I’m not mistaken, MG V-Dash also has a display base(?). Maybe that one was the little clear stand for the core fighter.

  6. Not sure to get one… To say the truth I don’t like it much, but the accessories are quite attractive… I don’t like it not because it’s short, but the limit in posing…. Well, it kinda lights up my hope for V2 Assault Buster getting MG treatment, but overall kinda disappointed with all the hope for July MG ~~

  7. As Bandai keeps throwing out remakes or different versions of existing models (I’ll grant the Musha Mark II being different, but I’m borderline between doing the same with the FA Gundam or placing it in league with the V-Dash), are you now hitting yourself for throwing the MG Wing Gundam out the GET window? :P

    I’m expecting at least one of two (if not both) things in a reply:

    1. “And you’ve yet to get an MG yet, let alone a model in 1/100-scale! You’re one to talk. :P ”

    …Which–depending on how it’s worded, may go along nicely with…

    2. Wing Gundam’s too simple for today’s MGs! It doesn’t have enough detail and gizmos to look cool! It’s got a low rating (of 94–*gasp* how unacceptable in today’s generation of MGs to tie it with Wing ver. Ka!) at Dalong’s website! I’m not buying a 94-rated MG! It’s gotta be 100+!

    I’ve seen crap like that on Ngee Khiong’s blog’s comments section some days ago. Maybe I just don’t get it because not only have I yet to go 1/100-scale (let alone MG) as my somewhat-mocking attack on myself indicated, but in my restarting of this hobby, I’ve got relatively few Gunpla of any scale in comparison to some other people. (By the way, if and when that changes, I’m expecting some anti-pack rat sentiment to show up again in my family, since I seem to have “more than enough” stored elsewhere as it is.) While trying to wrap up this digression without further going into detail, I think I do get it because all I have are MSiAs, EMSiAs, a GFF, and 1/144s (half of them 90s 1/144s, the other half HGUCs). It’s like a “count your blessings” thing, for once.

    So, sure, the WG may be an Okawara design, but his designs aren’t so bad, are they, Z? And the WG was streamlined in transition to MG, too. I know you just amused yourself with the thought at one point, but if the Okawara WG design looks so-so to you still maybe you can kitbash it with MG WG ver. Katoki?

    1. Haha I always need to respond as I read whenever I’m reading one of your “essay” comments…

      Although I really wanted the Wing, I’m still kinda glad that I didn’t pick it up because now I have the money to pick up other non-Gundam related things.

      I was surprised about Wing’s rating from Dalong actually. That’s the lowest he has ever given a MG since Shin Musha! O_O It’s the same as the Wing Ver. Ka actually. Then again, I find number ratings to be arbitrary hence I don’t do it for my reviews. I don’t think it’s that bad and actually do look more poseable than the Ver. Ka. I do like the anime-ish proportions and reminds me quite a bit of Endless Duel.

      1. I thought of quibbling about MG Wing’s proportions (which I basically agree with, as I had for the most part with HCM-Pro Wing’s), but it’s for the sake of quibbling, and I’d have to insert eighteen more cents for an essay’s worth again. :P

        Maybe I should get my camera and dust off my DA account before finding a way to create a Gunpla backlog of my own so I can actually do a 1/144 Virsago review, or something. (Watch me type that ten more times in different comments and never get to it. :P )

  8. mg wing zero will come out soon (from ngee khiong).. will definitely pass this for wing zero.. sorry v-dash

    1. I’ve just seen that entry. If you take a look at that blurry image of four boxarts, notice the inaccuracies of at least the shield. Also, on at least two of the images, the MS in mobile armor/bird mode is Wing, not Wing Zero (and might’ve come from the MG Wing boxart, but I’m not sure). On the third (from the left) box, assuming it’s not Wing in bird mode at the bottom (and I’m suspecting it is), the Buster Rifle(s?) being in the center of the shield in WZ’s Neo Bird mode is a wonder…
      Either the boxart guy’s drawing on pretty vivid memory and may be using Wing in place of Wing Zero on some occasions (while wasting paper and cardboard, since the proposals for the MG box cover could still remain digital), or those are fake boxarts. Maybe I’m very green to the Gunpla scene, but I haven’t seen a behind-the-scenes look at boxarts before seeing the Gunpla in question (while it’s being developed) at least a month–or longer before in some magazine (unpainted first, then with colors later on). With MG Wing and others, we saw them unpainted first in images of scanned pages of magazines, then official images of the MGs in color, then their boxarts weeks before their release, etc.

      News on an MG Wing Zero might likely come out soon, though I’m not going to make it a prediction. And who knows? I could still be wrong on suspecting the news to be a fake; the sudden appearances of the 1/48 Unicorn Gundam head with either HGUC Unicorn Gundam packaged together appeared spontaneously, and was true.

      1. True or not, MG Wing Zero is highly likely going to be released sooner or later, since the serialization of the new story after MG Wing has restarted its popularity again.
        If you really like MG Wing that much and doesn’t care about any future variation, I don’t see why you should let anything stopping you from getting it.

            1. While the MG Wing Zero news bit is now officially NOT confirmed, it doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future (I’m sure there will be one). It’ll just come a bit later than expected…

        1. I didn’t state comments from others poo-pooing certain MGs would prevent me from getting it. The only time that would be true is if I’d want to seek advice about getting a certain Gunpla I’m unsure about. A reason of mine for bringing up people people trashing the MG Wing in some small comment box–aside from the main reason of predicting what the response would be after goading Z (and others) to maybe think twice about overlooking MG Wing if the majority of releases on the MG front are re-releases and add-ons to existing Gunpla–is that, in my digression to predicting a response, I feel as if people had gotten seriously spoiled after one or two certain Gunpla releases over the years, and yet for ridiculing the lack of detail and this and that of newer releases, I’m sure most of these people would already have the RX-78 ver. 2.0 built and displayed on a shelf somewhere, since it’s usually heralded as one of the best RX-78 Gunpla out there overall.

          I guess people–including myself–want to find something to complain about. *shrug* Anyway, I wonder if and when we’ll be seeing an HGCC line (which I’m assuming might come after an HGAC line of some sort), or if Robot Damashii would have the CC-era covered for a while with their releases…

            1. I didn’t mean you, but I just used what I read on Ngee Khiong’s little comment box not long after Dalong’s MG Wing review came out. While people can be right on the money about being cautious about picking up certain models or figures or other items, a lot of times I’ve seen people overblow their comments about Gunpla, as if the majority of the people (at least who import them, if not also those in Japan themselves) are four-year-olds looking to destroy their new toys not only a few minutes after getting them. (This bit of essay-pumping twenty-five cents coming from witnessing the aftermath of a room of mine destroyed by a then-four-year-old relative around a decade ago.)

              Again, I just mentioned I might’ve goaded you into getting MG Wing because I thought your reasons for passing were more like along the lines of waiting for other MGs rather than getting non-gunpla items, which I understand. Still, if you do get it, I’m sure I’d enjoy a review of yours on it.

  9. Well we got V2 comin out, expect even more milking, or bandai goes lazy on us and gives the job to them dreaded b club or some random resin part makers…huwwwwwaaah!!

  10. You could just buy the core booster separately. I don’t know if that will come with a the new rifle or anything but it’s just 2,000 yen, saying that if you already have the MG V Gundam.

  11. Hmm, at least Bandai is giving the owners of the original kit the satisfaction of the add-on kit — a rare move that I wouldn’t have expected. Maybe their guilty conscious is catching up with them?

    Still doesn’t change the fact the the pack looks tacked-on, though.

  12. Hm…looks like Bandai didn’t gyp us again…this time. I say the Dash parts pack is a must-get for any who bought the V.

    The last time I remember Bandai sdoing something like this was with the Superparts release for the Messiah Valkyrie variants, which made me happy when I got it, by the way.

    But this also seems like a nice trend – when the MG V2 gets released (yeah, we all know it’s coming), it can be as a standalone kit, with the Assault + Buster pack add-ons later on, or as a bulk package (probably the size of the Sinanju box or larger).

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