MG Acguy WISP 1: Body

Amazing… the parts are LOLHUEG. I really don’t think I’ve seen any other model with such large pieces before o_o

Inside is just mechanical art

… and then I realized it doesn’t have a waist.


31 thoughts on “MG Acguy WISP 1: Body

  1. eh, for a mobile suit like the Acguy, a waist isn’t needed.

    By the way, ever notice how most Zeon-related mobile suits have screwed up proportions? I mean My 1/144 Ashimar is at least a whole inch taller and wider than my other 1/144 models…I bet this one will look like it has head inflation compared to a MG Gundam.

    1. Well, RX-78-2 is 18m tall compared to Acguy (19.2m) and Asshimar (23.1m). Of course Gundam dwarfs in comparison to those Zeon suits. XD

      1. O_O really? Dang, I ddin’t expect Bandai to actually go outta their way to make the models to scale to the actual mobile suits…but nevertheless, it still looks a bit akward when a thin MG (Impulse) is compared to something like the Acguy or maybe the Rick-Dias.

        1. That’s kind of why I fell out of love with later seasons of Gundam. It’s not that the suits don’t look good (I’m talking to YOU Astray’s), it’s that the science kind of left the arena a little bit (or a lot a bit). Minor research shows that the makers of the original Gundam put A LOT of effort into making the series seem plausible (in all actuality, it is. All possible problems are met with with possible solutions. Like the Fusion drives that power mobile suits: we haven’t even tried a fusion reaction with helium three yet). Like the size of the Acguy is huge, because it was a prototype underwater mobile suit (succeeded by the Z’Gok), so it was fairly bulky. And I’m wandering too far off with this… ^^;

  2. from the looks of it, yeah, it really doesn’t need a waist the design of the head and the arms compensate the lack of a movable waist

  3. Looking good! Seems like they really try to make up for simple Gundam 0079 armor designs by including an awesomely extensive inner frame. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    1. I have to say, for the year it came out (2005, I think), the Acguy’s articulation and inner frame detail is pretty top notch, more along the lines of newer MG 2.0 frames. Though Bandai probably could afford such things, giving account for the size of thing. That, or they really like paying attention to the 0079 line of kits… xD

  4. I know. lol I just purchased my Acguy on the day you announced your Acguy build recently and I’m surprised at the size of the parts too, even though I know Acguy is larger than most Gundams.
    Like ErazEr said, with articulated arms like Acguy and 360 degrees mono eye movement, I don’t see a need for a waist. It’s not like it’ll need to perform Seed style beam rifle pose or beam saber action poses. XD

  5. Yeah, this is the one model that doesn’t really need a waist. It’s articulation will surprise you as it did me, I’m sure.

    1. Posing is a fair issue with this model though. Not that it’s not easily posable, but it’s in finding really good dinamic ones that’s the trouble. You just have your standard ‘Claw’ Attack pose really… xP

  6. I was almost got that Acguy….but suddenly, Red Frame Kai appears, and I cancel my previous order (acguy) and replace it with Red frame Kai.

    I can’t say I’m sorry for that, because Red Frame is great.

    But damn….Acguy is so cool…..

    1. I have to say, out of my top 5 favorite mobile suits of all time, 3 of them are Zeon suits (the Zaku Frame (including all of its variants), the Gelgoog, and the Bawoo).

  7. Well just wanted to say tht the MG Acguy is rele flexible and posable so no worries there :) . Also the completed model feels big, sturdy and weighty, so its not like ur average – ‘drop on the floor and break the V-fin gunpla’ lol. Its also mega cute looking lols, bet ur gf’s will mess with the thing XD

        1. Correct- Work in Slow Progress. Consider the stuff I do, I am THE slowest modeler this side of the blogosphere. Ha!

          1. Well. My dad took two years to build a model of the USS Constitution. About 1 year for the ship itself, the about 1 year to run ALL of the rigging on that ship. The end result looks really good (he won a modeling contest when he first built it). He’s kind of like that with all his models too…

  8. I kept forgetting to get around to commenting about this guy when you finally got to him a couple of entries ago, but better late than never. Really cute Zeon MS, whether animated or model form. Last time I saw this teddy bear of an MS was when I was summoning armies of it against Strike Freedom, or something (GvGNP; you should really give it a try before the console version of Gundam Extreme Vs. comes out next year, Z.). I don’t really have much of anything against this amphibious MS, even though it’s not a contender of being a favorite Zeon MS of mine.

    Now, yes, once again, I will disclose that I don’t have any 1/100-scaled models, let alone MGs. But even if I did have any to begin with, it’d be down the road before I’d pick the MG Acguy up, cute as it is. After seeing Dalong’s reviews and images of the HGUC Acguy, though, I’d likely be much more inclined to get the HGUC model sooner than I would the MG model. I would’ve somewhat-expanded a bit more on this, but I’m already going borderline-essay with my eight cents here. :P

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