Pocky- the “official” snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/food/life source of the dedicated otaku and weeabo. It’s amazing how some people get all crazy seeing this stuff for sale… especially at anime cons. Some of them literally go bat**** insane the moment they see the little red box (I would know… I sold pocky and ramune once at a con…) and buy them by the cases. The original flavor taste like a pile of cow dunks but I gotta admit that the other flavors are actually yummy. but still… can someone explain to me the overall craze over this snack? Where are the anime references? The only one I know of is from G Gundam where it was eaten by Wong Yun Fat… and I do not want to be associated with him when I eat this >_>. Anyway, thought I pick up one pack of each just to make this post (seriously…)… this is only a tiny fraction of their entire selection. If I were to buy their whole collection, I think it’ll be well over $70…

Pocky Men’s… haha the name is just too funny. Girls like bitter chocolate too! This one actually taste a lot better than the original…

No idea what flavor this is actually… >_>

The better of the two strawberry flavors (the original is blah)

You get so little in this pack because the pocky sticks are bigger =(

And you get even less in this one but they are even bigger (thicker)!

My favorite one right here- cocoa powder Pocky. The only one I actually found worth buying. Other flavors that I saw was almond, milk, coconut chocolate, banana, giant, and a few I am probably forgetting… not to mention variants like the Pretz stuff (Pocky without the chocolate). YanYan’s are better!

So you is crazy for Pocky too?


17 thoughts on “Pocky

  1. I haven’t really eaten Pocky on my life but there are substitutes of it in my country. ^^,

    as far as I know Mizuho Kazami of Onegai Sensei (Please Teacher) eats this as a snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/food/life source on the entire anime, she eats this mainly as a reminder of her earthling father. ^^, anything else I don’t know.

  2. I think I’ve read similar comments on another blog on your blog roll, though I forgot which one. I haven’t eaten any, but I speculate the rationale for getting it is that it’s just a taste of the culture from which what became a part of their lives came from…? *shrug* I think it’s like having in your hands another country’s currency and maybe products of food that come there, or something.
    If you’re interested in the culture because of A., B., and C. (or rather, A., B., and A.; filling in A. as the country’s entertainment), you’d probably be giddy to grasp something from that culture and delight in it, especially if for various reasons you can’t even pay the country in question a brief visit.

  3. I didn’t get to eat this much but I love it too.
    As far as I know for anime references, who could forget the Pocky reference in Lucky Star, eaten by Kagami occasionally.

  4. have you ever just found that urge to spend that extra money to buy the giant pocky? I’m waiting til Ican get a part-time job so I can have money to buy it ^_^;;

  5. Desert Pocky is flat out, Delicious. I have a Asian import store downtown, and that’s one of the only flavors he carries (besides original, I think). Really glad he does.

  6. this is probably the best “pocky” type that glico has put out.
    i can’t find it anywhere in the U.S. anymore :(

  7. You can probably buy Pocky with a kid’s allowance in Japan, but in the Philippines it costs a frikkin’ fortune – comparable to Combos in price.

    Personally, I’d go for Combos.

  8. I think in my country the name is changed into “Rocky”. due to the pronounciation of the word “Pocky” is similar to a vulgar word in my country’s mother tongue…

  9. Ah, pocky. During my time in high school I would see my sister munching on them with her girlfriend. Those pocky games were damn hilarious when other people kept interrupting them.
    I’ve never tried any other kind except Men’s though, me being manly and all.

  10. “Pocky- the “official” snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/food/life source of the dedicated otaku and weeabo. ”

    … What?

    Maybe I am just used to having Japanese food being available in Hong Kong so I never thought of it being considered as the “otaku/weeaboo” food. For people like me, we got brought up with food imported from various places. Besides, there are many “substitutes” for these chocolate coated stick biscuit other than Pocky, but Pocky is definitely one of the most well known ones. Just like Hi-Chew for chewy sweets.

    For me, me and my family buys the strawberry one now and then – t’is a nice treat to have after a long day!

  11. In Indonesia, glico release Picko (or Piko?), not pocky.
    Picko is some kind of wafer stik with excellent taste of chocolate.
    It taste so good, and damn expensive.

  12. hehe, I have a Mitsuwa Market in San Gabriel, like 3 miles away from where I live, and like all the other asian supermarkets such as 99ranch sell them here too, except Mitsuwa has more flavors (99ranch only has original chocolate), except for that cocoa powder one… I want that…

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