MG Acguy WISP 2

Usually it’s the legs that contains the most parts but for the Acguy, it would be the arms. Haha I like how it doesn’t have any real hands. Gotta love the spring-loaded claw! I supposed I could finish assembling this thing by tonight but I have papers to write up so blah.

If Freddy Kreuger were to have a mobile suit, this would be it…


8 thoughts on “MG Acguy WISP 2

  1. The claw is spring loaded?! As in, they pop out via a spring?! If they do then this model just shot to the top of my wanted list…

  2. Huh? The claw has springs, and actually extends out? I thought it is part swapping, considering is not easy to design the claws to be “stuffed” inside…

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