MG Acguy WISP 3: Straight Assembly

Well… that didn’t took long. I only started on this model like three days ago and I’m already done. Just got the decals left to apply ^^. I want to top coat it also but not sure how I can top coat its head without having to mask the entire clear area. It’ll be tricky for sure.

It’s already becoming one of the most fun and amazing MG I’ve ever worked on.

Haha it’s more like a mobile teddy bear than a suit…

32 thoughts on “MG Acguy WISP 3: Straight Assembly

  1. I’m coming back to comment on this entry again because I got a good chuckle out of some recent news from Ngee Khiong’s blog:

    It’s not so much the fact that a new Gundam anime is actually a Gunpla anime (which isn’t really a unique idea, but at least for me, kind-of came out of left field)… Take a look at the promo poster. Guess what the character on the bottom-left of the poster is holding?

    Heheheh… Nice timing, Z! :)

  2. Z, how did you do the mono-eye? I use a trick from my model car days, coloring the lens with a red pen and painting the part it attaches to silver. It catches the light really well and I tried it on my Zaku HM type and its weapons to great effect. Give it a go some time!

      1. I usually just paint the back of the mono-eye in that Gundam Marker Pink, and then paint the front in Clear red. The pink just makes it a little bit lighter, so the eye doesn’t disappear completely(Like on the Gelgoog, where the Eye is somewhat hard to see in the first place).

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