Black Freedom Gundam

A picture that I forgot I had on my comp many many blue moons ago. The paint scheme and mod… this was the first MG Freedom mod that I dropped my jaws for. And I still think it’s one of the best. It is simply beautifully… sinister.

Sadly I don’t remember the Japanese site I got this from or why I didn’t bother to save more images of it. If anyone knows where this Freedom is from, please do share the link ^^. If I remember correctly, the site also have a “Genesic” Destiny Gundam and a white/gold/gray color scheme of Strike Freedom if it rings any bell.

UPDATE: Found the site thanks to some meticulous word play on google haha.

I likened this modeler’s clean mods to that of master Keita’s…

Simply beautiful


This world needs more G Gundam.

I want that ring!

You can check out the entire gallery of this modeler’s work at G-Custom


31 thoughts on “Black Freedom Gundam

  1. the Freedom looks’s Badass with that paint scheme.
    Strike freedom, not so much.
    and Destiny looks cool, I kinda like that more than the original.

  2. Hey do you mind sharing the link to the site where you got that Black freedom??
    Or share how you got it?
    Please and lots of thanks!

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