HG 1/144 00 Movie Gundams

I supposed I can talk about the new Gunpla anime (with the awesome Acguy teddy bear), or the MG The O, or how I feel the MG survey was “wasted” on the likes of the inevitable such as 00 Raiser and V2, or maybe talk about the eye-opening MG Kamen Rider W (do want… but need to watch the series). Instead I’m gonna go over something else that’s been on my mind ever since seeing the lineart for the Gundams that are going to be featured in the new 00 movie this fall…

I was always under the impression that Bandai purposely limits the creativity of their mechanical designers to make the mobile suits more practical/easy to produce in Gunpla form (hot sellers). This is nice sometimes as Gundams usually have really clean lines and style but they also usually pale in comparison to the awesome designs of the Real mechs coming out of the SRW series (which doesn’t really get much mainstream models till now). Saying that… when I saw the new Gundams for the first time, I thought they would be kinda impractical in Gunpla form in respect to poseability… and balance. Just look at Raphael. The thing has two giant boulders on top of it supported only two feet whose function looks questionable at best. Any dynamic pose on the ground looks impossible as all that weight will cause it to tumble… meaning it’ll forever sit on an action base.

Just to make things clear, I am not saying these models will be bad per se. I’m sure its details and articulation will be just as good as the HG models out now but strapping all these boosters and stuff seems hindering on the model’s ability to balance itself. Haruhi Harute looks like it’ll get dragged down by its own boosters too unless you can maybe balance it out with those giant pewpew guns of his.

I supposed Zabanya will be the only one who can possibly pose on the ground… unless its own rifle bits obstructs it from kneeling or bending its knees (seeing how the bits are already on the ground). All those bits reminds me of the issues on Cherudim… *shudders*

Seems like Quant is the only who has the least balancing issues from the looks of it (even though it looks like it is leaning forward in the photo). I’m not really complaining about anything. Just letting out my observations. I’m just basically saying from the looks of it, the new Gundams probably won’t be too great at posing despite their articulations. The Gundams might be fighting in space so they don’t have to worry too much where their mass is located but their gunplas are still held down by gravity.

Time will tell….

Image source: Ngee Khiong


76 thoughts on “HG 1/144 00 Movie Gundams

  1. Qan[T] looks more like Exia. And I’ve always preferred Exia’s design over 00. But I hate how Sunrise and Bandai redesign the mechs by adding almost impractical stuff (Raphael being the worst).

    1. Yep – apart from Quan[T], the rest of the Gundams look like a child got its hands on some toys and put together whatever was lying around – they seem so out of balance :/ (OK, Zabanya looks almost normal too ;))

    2. It’s realism at work in the show. With all their funds and investors cut off, CB has so little money and supplies left they can’t really build new stuff anymore, even with their new base. Queue use of parts from old MSs, scraps of downed enemies, and the leftovers of the original first season Gundams.
      That and upgrades are required.

  2. The new 00 design does look somewhat SRW-ish. The new designs didn’t appeal to me initially but seeing them now in gunpla form, they’re starting to grow on me. Just like my instance with Turn-A gundam.

    Looking at Raphael, I can’t help but feel that they can do a “OOT” gattai like the SRX team. The red portion and its left and right adjacent pieces looked just like a waist portion, with the remainder piece having the possibility of forming the arms and legs. Zabanya can become the R-Gun while Harute can form the R-Sword if they want to. I don’t think it will ever happen but is anyone else getting similar vibes or feeling?

    Raphael in the picture doesn’t seemed like its standing on only its 2 legs. If you look closer, it supported by 2 additional parts. (Binders or rifles, I dunno, can anyone identify them?)

    As for the MG survey, I think it would be fairer if they left out the more recent gundam series.

    I too would like to see a MG Tallgeese, so you’re not the only one alone. :)

  3. looks like action bases will be needed for all of them. sigh.

    00 movie trailer reference:
    Zabanya needs moar missile pods!

  4. i’m agree with you all too, only Zabanya is cool, the rest is just…
    and yes…UC RULEZ!!! no more alternate centuries please…lol

    off topics, but i want they made MG figurese of Roronoa ZORO!!!!

  5. they look similar to SRW designs because one of the 00 MS designers, Takayuki Yanase aka WINDFALL, also designed for the SRW series.

  6. Some of the best Gundam designs. I want to get all of them. ^ ^

    Though 00 Qan[T] looks a bit plain compared to the other 3.

    1. I bet 00 Quanta will get add-on upgrades so we shouldn’t buy an early HG release of the kits. Somehow i get a feel that somehow in the midway of the movie they might add a second binder over the right shoulder (and now 00 Raiser-ish), who knows…

      1. I agree with you, EXkurogane. While I can’t say the same to the other 3 MS, 00 Qan(t) is surely a target for more upgrades.
        So I say, let’s boycott HG 00 Qan(t)! Get any other 3 MS but leave 00 Qan(t) out. Hehe…

  7. I forgot to mention that Raphael looks like a Gundam with a pair of bunkers on its shoulders. >__>

    Not a fan of Zabanya’s shields too. Like it’s an overkill version of Cherudim.

    For now I <3 Harute and Quant because I always loved how Quant looks more like Exia rather than 00.

    1. Well….what you see now may be only the Nadleeh/ Seraphim side. Wait till the armors all clasp on its body……

  8. Amongst the four movie Gundams, Harute is the one that shines the most to me along with Zabanya. I don’t like 00 Qan[T] as much as some would expect me to since it kinda gets over-shadowed by the other three. XP

    Hopefully they all get those Destiny stands included in the kit since they don’t seem to be physics friendly to me. XD

  9. You have highlighted all my concern regarding Harute, Zabanya and Raphael…. I will maybe only get the Setsuna this time around – but we’ll never know… sometimes our heart can be bastard and we still end up buying all 4 of them….

    Like you said… time will tell…

  10. I’ll need to see what some of these extra bits do, especially on Raphael. Is it another mobile suit mounted on the back like Seravee/Seraphim? An armored conversion like Reborns Gundam or Aesculapius? Combiner parts? (I thought I’d never see a real Gundam combiner, but BB Sangokuden proved me wrong. So you never know.)

    The Kamen Rider model kit gives me hope that we’ll see more Riders in the same format. I’d kill for a Den-O or Faiz kit, especially if the latter can rearrange its armors.

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