MG Acguy’s Eye

For those who have the MG Acguy, are you able to slide its eye inside its head (is it supposed to be able to do that)? I wasn’t able to as the eye piece is pressed against the clear dome and when I tried to force it, it actually made a small crack on it (you can see it in the picture) o_o.  I’m also having trouble getting the inner leg extension (from the pelvis) out as it is too locked up inside. Though I’m having a hard time coming up with any “serious” poses for this thing, I’m having quite a lot of fun messing around with it ^^;.


22 thoughts on “MG Acguy’s Eye

  1. Same here, my acguy is sitting with his eye staring at the Kshatriya hovering right above him… I did have trouble getting him in pose though, the legs kept popping out for me.
    Also just accept it, there is only one pose for acguy. His teddybear sit!

  2. same as orange, the eye of my MG Acguys has no problems like that…though the legs pops out whenever I pull them before…now I just have it extended as with the arms.

    1. Out of all the cracks I’ve gotten on my models (more than I’d like to admit), I’ve only ever been able to play one off as making it look weathered and battle worn (An old MG Zaku II F2), turned out looking pretty good. The only other crack that can easily be seen (most of mine are on the inner frame xP) is on my HGUC Dendrobium Orchis, when it and all of it’s 10 lb’s of mass fell off of my shelf…

      1. that’s what will happen if the dendroubium happened to lose all of its propulsion power. XD

        Dendrobioum: Ouch! >.<

  3. I honestly think the only version of the Acguy that can be even a little bad-ass is the version from the 8th MS team series. ‘Cause that was bad-ass.

  4. While I don’t have this model, there are common problems that can do things like that. If there’s a spare nub mark that you didn’t cut down, it could be jamming the eye, or the paint is too thick (though I doubt that) and it could be possible that you assembled it in some wrong way.

    Those are just some possibilities, as all of them have happened to me on one model or another.

    1. Yeah, that’s possible. Like Lulu said, maybe you painted the mono eye, making it thicker, and thus touching the clear dome?

  5. From the picture, it kind of looks like the eye is hooked on the skull frame. That’s probably what’s stopping it…

  6. It’s definitely not the paint (which is only two thin layer) because if it is, then it would be the same for those who are using the clear sticker too (which I would assume to be much thicker). I’m still trying to fiddle with the mono-eye to see how it would slide but it’s just… locked in there. The eye is pressed against the screen. I supposed I could remove the paint to see if that really actually is the problem… i’m leaving more cracks on the clear dome as I’m forcing it to slide >_<

    ^This is how it looks like inside

    1. The eyepiece is made of two parts. If you’ve applied topcoat (either than or some paint got in), it might have filled the entry point on one of them, stopping the part from going in completely, thus making it too large. Another possibility is a leftover nub.

    2. It looks like it relies on friction to stay put on one location?
      If you want to take a little risk, instead of removing the paint, maybe you can shave a liiiiiiiitle bit around the part that hold the mono-eye in place and see if that works.

    3. isn’t there a slide mechanism inside of the head. I think that you have to take the top part of the head off.

  7. you might wanna move back & forth a bit and feel where it got stuck somewhere, nubs or paint, but usually thats how I do it, move it back & forth, try to imagine the schematics inside my head on where it got stuck.

    GN-X MG next on the list!!

  8. the mono eye is tight enough as it is, I assume that when you painted it, the additional thickness of the paint made it tighter….try applying a small portion of lubricant it would ease the friction on the contact points.

  9. I display my MG Acguy beside my Gloomy Bear…they compliment each other, they are both menancingly cute!…It’s color is even Teddy Bear schemed!…Have fun playing around with your Acguy!

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