Danny Choo coming to Anime Expo

There’s probably absolutely no need to explain who he is. I just found out that he’s going to be at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles this summer (July 4th weekend)! O_O Though Danny haven’t mentioned it himself on his site yet. I am sooo going to LA just to see and meet him! :D

*right click>buys flight tickets*

Source here and here


28 thoughts on “Danny Choo coming to Anime Expo

        1. but that’s just what he is. Famous… and an otaku but I respect for more than just that. Anyway, without him… this blog probably wouldn’t exist (among other things) haha. So let’s just say he’s been an influential person to me the past few years…


    I can’t believe ur gonna fly here to be at the convention…I’ll probably be there all 4 days just to (hopefully) meet you.

    You’ve never been to Anime Expo before? They have a HUGE Exhibit Hall where you can buy all sorts of stuff (including rare Gunplas! Last year they had lots of new stuff, with lots of GFFs, MGs, etc.) Maybe tell me how to find u? xDD

    1. Haha I’m not someone worth meeting in person but I supposed it would be awesome if everyone here who makes it can join up and have lunch together or something. I am seriously looking forward to some decent food in LA.

      i don’t doubt there will probably be a large percentage of Asians so spotting me would be kinda hard huh… I’ll figure something out when the time comes.

  2. yay Danny Choo is coming to AX and now you too Z!!! It’s gonna be so awesome this year!!!! I hope I bump into you somewhere (in the gunpla booths perhaps? lol)

    Also, Danny announced his attendance i beleive last week through his facebook ~~ I got so pumped when he did

  3. Comrade, now the time for us has come. Let’s put your trooper suit and march to the LA. The clone legion will be unstoppable.

  4. Haha, gotta envy you for having the chance. But hey, he was in my country, Malaysia recently too. Too bad I was in Borneo and he went to Peninsula, the other side of the country.

    Takes lots lots pictures for us, ‘kay?

  5. On an unrelated note, Amiami just offered pre-order for Composite ver.Ka Gurren Langann for just 3,480 yen. Nice!

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