Chinese Food

Before I start typing up my MG Acguy review, I thought i should grab a quick bite first. Decided to try out another Chinese restaurant with my m0nejer as  I continue my quest on finding a decent Chinese restaurant in Oregon. First up is beef, tofu, and egg soup… which is just a little more than msg water and some starch. I would hate to see them butcher my favorite crabmeat and fish maw soup…

The salt and peppered squid was good.

I forgot the actual name of this fried rice… but it had shrimp paste (hom ha), and “salt fish” (that’s right… hom yu) in it so it was kinda stinky in a good way… and it was good too ^^.

My order. Lamb meat hot pot. My family can make it a lot better… it wasn’t bad though. I like the fu jok (that yellow tofu-derived… stuff/sticks) the best!

I would learn how to make this if it didn’t take so long to prepare… ^^;

Egg tart for dessert? Cool

Now before you all start damning me for making you hungry with this post…

As expected of any “real” Chinese restaurants (haha), I found this little bugger in the fried rice. No wonder why it tasted so good! I wasn’t surprised nor did anyone made a fuss about it. Just asked the waitress to switch out the plate and move on with our dining. This reminded me of the time I found a cockroach in my noodle at a Chinese restaurant in NYC…

Hope that ruined it a bit for you =)


24 thoughts on “Chinese Food

  1. dude. a little bugger in fried rice? psh. now, i know someone who was unfortunate enough to come across… er… low shou see (if you get what i mean), all nice and steam cooked with the rest of the rice. and he actually ATE it. urgh. he was eating rice like normal and all of a sudden there was a… uh, “see” taste (according to him). but still. it’s nasty when you come across something in your meal that’s not supposed to be there. btw, was the cockroach IN the noodle or on your noodles?

      1. yeah… he has a knack for eating stuff like that by accident. just last week he found some sand in his “zhoung” (sticky rice thing packed in bamboo leaves. usually in a pyramid-y shape)

  2. A cockroach i noodles? Seriously? I could have skipped a meal for loosing my appetite if i see a cockroach in my meal… =.= At my place, the most common “free add-ons” is hair… I suppose it came from the chef or the staff…

  3. Actually i don’t care about the bugs which are present inside my dish though( except cockroach and fly, they are just too XXX), cause i think them as an extra source of protein 0.0…

  4. heh a bug. frankly I was not a bit surprised, and It didn’t ruined my dinner at all… cause I’m already full haha. XD

  5. i can remember when a teacher who used to tell us about how him and his friend found some guy’s finger in the noodles. believed when I was like 7, but lost faith in the story about 11 years untill my cousin cut the nerve in his finget taking out the trash at the place he worked; they wouldn’t let him cook for them after that incase of a similar situation i guess. The guy gets so much crappy luck shuved down his mouth; a sad story. =(

  6. I remember once that my vegetable dish has a grasshopper in it, they cooked it with the green together, for a while i didn’t notice it until I saw those tiny legs of it

  7. Well, chocolate-coated bugs (especially crickets) are friggin’ delicious, but I can’t see what kind of bug that is… If its a wasp, then I understand your distaste with it, but any other and you would’ve gained a great source of protein, if I recall.

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