MG Acguy Review UP!

The review for the MG Acguy is up but the omake for it will have to wait a bit longer since I’m missing some props that I forgot to pick up the other day ^^;. The term is coming to an end so I’ll have finals to study for. I also need to clean up my Desktop for submission for Otacool 3 as well (I have beer bottles, chemicals, tools and bunch of other random stuff laying around… and lots of dust). Anyone else here also planning on entering Otacool 3?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the review and I’ll be back later!

8 thoughts on “MG Acguy Review UP!

  1. I’ve always thought about going for Otacool, but I don’t really have a desk, I have a Work station… ^^; All that’s really there is modeling supplies, So I never really figured it counted as a “desk”.

  2. Otacool 3… Danny mentioned it is for work place, i don’t really have one and my workplace is pretty much my “play space” with just a single laptop and the rest is gunpla & figures… So i didn’t bother submitting one, kinda like inappropriate…

  3. Don’t feel like entering Otacool. I mean….if you’re selected for just a tiny picture, it will make you want to buy the book right? I call that clever marketing. ^^;

    1. well, if you make it in and bought the book then it’s a piece of memory and something you can physically look back on who knows how many years/decades from now and get a good laugh out of it or something. At least that’s the most I hope for ^^.

  4. Nice Acguy review!!! I think that one looks like a future purchase because I like it’s articulation.

    Got a question for you too!
    I have the HGUC 1/144 GM Quel, and the trigger finger hands are falling off as soon as I put the gun on it. It’s on both trigger finger hands. I don’t know what to do, but i;m thinking about crazy gluing the hands together so it won’t fall off but, how will I get the gun on anyhow? My GM Quel looks amazing but it would look better with he rifle on it. I think the Quel uses the same hands as you Hazel. The Quel’s hand is made up of 3 parts btw!!!

    Anyone else that knows a solution can pitch in and help as well! Please if you are helping take you time answering my question. Thanks you very much for your time.

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