MG Acguy Omake UP!

The post-review bonus for the MG Acguy review is completed and you can now check it out in its review page. I’ve also took a slew of new photos that shows off the missile effect parts as well. The omake was a bit of a challenge this time around as I decided to use an older model so poses were a tad bit harder to orchestrate but I think it’s still understandable for the most part (except you might need to know cantonese just for one word…).  Anyway, not sure when I can start my next project but I already have the omake planned for awhile now…

Oh yea… forgot to mention… special occasion coming up here. Some of you will know what I mean… so be ready…

5 thoughts on “MG Acguy Omake UP!

  1. Oh wow, it’s that time of the year already? Time sure flies.
    I wonder I should sit this one out.

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