To Anime Expo!

There’s no turning back now. While I’ve talked about attending Anime Expo awhile back, I didn’t register till just now haha. Reason being that I started watching Macross Frontier to see if I want to go to the Megumi Nakajima May’n Concert… and I think I’ll pass on it ^^;. Sorry… I’m not a Macross person nor do I enjoy its music much (though I do like the cute song “Seikan Hikou”). Anyway, I’m gonna have to scramble to pack and plan things out as this is my first time going to a real convention where I am not there just selling stuff in the booth. I won’t show up until Friday though since I will arrive Thursday night. I’m gonna be so lost… an iPad would probably be useful in this case as I don’t think I want to bring my macbook pro with me…

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HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe

*Sigh* I have completely given up on searching for my NG 1/100 Red Frame’s backpack as it is absolutely nowhere to be found in any of my gunpla boxes… however, I did managed to dug up this antique ^^;.

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Astray Red Frame WISP 3: Head

Comparison between the MG and 1/100 head. While some 1/100 design will begin to look like utter crap as the MG version is being completed, the regular Red Frame continues to hold its own against its MG counterpart. I’m not saying the MG head is not stunning (it is very gorgeous!) but again… goes to show how well the original 1/100 was designed ^^;.

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Gundam 2010 Competition

Another Gunpla contest! but it’s not from me this time. This particular one is sponsored by Hobbylink Japan and Tomopop so it’s bound to be pretty awesome. I’ve been out of the loop recently so I just found out about this over at Plamo Addiction.  All the details on this page if you are interested so I don’t have to type out all the info. I’d like to point out that even if you don’t think you have a chance of winning, you should enter anyway since you can get a 10% discount voucher from HLJ. I’ve held a few Gunpla contests myself so it’ll definitely be refreshing to be able to join one  myself! If you’ve read the subcategories details, then it is very obvious which one I am going to compete in hehehe. One of them is just beckoning me to join! Now I just have to decide which model to enter…

Hope all of you will be participating too! Good luck!