Gunpla Inochi Giveaway 2

So with another anniversary, comes another giveaway. Those who follows this blog for at least a year knows this will be coming ^^. So let’s get right down to business…


We all love to laugh and have some fun right? then that’s what this contest will be.

– Please read this entire post before asking any questions. If you ask something that can be answered by reading this post, then I’ll just ignore your question…

– You are to create a 4koma (4 panel comic, see my recent post for examples) using anything Gundam you have available. ANYTHING GUNDAM (gunpla, figures, accessories, clothes, adult toys, etc.). Random props are okay too (like food items).

– It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny… it can be entertaining, amusing, or whatever that stirs up positive responses.

– You can either caption like I do or use speech bubbles. Up to you. If you are using cheap captions (like I do) then label clearly who is talking. Photoshopping in effects and such are perfectly okay too.

– 4koma must have a title. No set resolution but it should be at least 640 wide. Please also let me know how you would like to be credited as for your work (your name/handle/sn/etc). Scratch that. All entries will remain anonymous until after the contest then everyone can claim theirs (like how it has always been).

– Just like how jokes doesn’t need to start with “yo mama…” or making fun of someone’s race, your 4koma doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be offensive to anyone. Profanity allowed if done in good taste (I’ll judge that).

– You are allowed to submit up to two 4komas.

– Before anyone who is unfamiliar asks… each comic MUST have only 4 panels/scenes. No more no less.

– Work must be original.

– I’ll post up every 4komas I receive and let everyone vote and chime in on their favorites but I will ultimately decide the winner.

– No whining, bitching, angsting, raging, emo-ing or any of that sort for any reason… save that for the anime characters. Display good sportsmanship.

– Send all entries to gunpla(dot)inochi(at)gmail(dot)com… yea, I made an email just for this blog to keep inquiries and stuff a bit more organized. You have until the last week of June to submit your entries to me (6/28). I’ll contact the winner when everything is all done and stuff. As always, everything and stuff will be out of my own pocket.

– Anyone can enter this time… no special treatment for regulars and such.

– Lastly, just try to have fun and enjoy this whole thing. It’s not serious business ^^.


I’ll be giving away exactly what you see in the above picture. The 1/35 Lancelot Royal Coating Ver. (equivalent to HG) and a can of Mr. Topcoat Matte (good for one regular MG plus some change). Not sure how many of you have seen Code Geass before so not sure of the appeal of this thing to you but you can always sell it on ebay for around $25-30 if you win it xP. Yea… I would love to give out a MG but a little broke this time around so maybe next time ^^;. This whole thing is just a little token of my appreciation for everyone and I hope you’ll enjoy this contest even if you don’t win as there will always be more coming ^^.

Arms installation complete. GUNDAM 4KOMA FIGHTO! READY! GOOOOO!!!


49 thoughts on “Gunpla Inochi Giveaway 2

  1. Regular lurker here :)
    First time i did something like this (I’don’t know why but this kinda sounds dirty :P)
    Hope you like it

  2. Just wondering. Did you get my email, Z? I did one in youtube with annotation, will that be an okay format? Or should I still send the images (w/ caption)?

    I’m still contemplating my final 2 SD 4komas for my entry. hehe.

  3. *visits blog today*
    *eyes wide open*
    Oh my, how fast time flies. It is already time for another giveaway!

    Time for me to think of something. Hm, I may have something in mind already. :D

      1. Thanks. ^^
        Well, mine will come near the deadline though since I’m currently having finals (next week). Thought I could do it before then but looks like I only have time by the end of next week. XP

  4. aw.. t was waiting for your review of this model kit… seems like it wont come afterall…

    but hey, i’ll try to participate…

  5. will you be showing all the recently 4koma you recieve z? i’m scared that you might didn’t recieved my 4koma. :P

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