Going Astray Again…

You probably saw this coming and coming it is. I am going Astray again while hopefully most of you are brainstorming for your 4koma entries (I already got one entry!) ^^;. I already got some new ones in my head so I’ll post it later when I have time hehe.

First thing’s first- I’m gonna paint over this crap-colored gold with some real gold paint to do the Gerbera Straight/Tiger Pierce some well-deserved justice. Oh yea and paint the fingers too… damn…

Compared to the MG Acguy, the number of runners and size of the parts are… kinda ridiculous. weee! Oh yea… don’t expect to see any WISP until next week or so >_>


37 thoughts on “Going Astray Again…

  1. i was wondering, z, how many are your collections… i’m just a kid so i only limit my gundams to 1/144, though… because here in the phils., when they sell gundams, the rpice becomes 2X… ~_~… so i stayed in 1/144 (HG by the way)…

    By the way, more power for ur site!!!!

      1. Maybe you are just browsing at the malls. They are really expensive there indeed. Did you browse greenhills? You know, the “tiangge” of the rich, hahaha.

        1. yeah, but still… im just a student and lives on Dad’s allowance T_T… so i limit myself up to 2k only…

          1. also, even though its greenhills… the price still increases because of shipping, and delay of it… ive waited 1 month before they could release Astrea 1/144…

            1. Then try the internet then……But still the shipping will kill it, so maybe a no. Or if you are VERY patient enough, wait for a sale!!!!

  2. MG Astray Red Frame is my new kit too. I’m suppose to check your site for a review but I guess I have to wait until then (I’m still working on my Sinanju though).

    I love your sites. Keep up the great job!


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