MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker

Someone should send an email to Bandai that there’s a typo in their promo picture… So anyway,  been wanting to make a post about this one and now it’s as good of a time as any. Help me out on this one. I don’t know anything about this Kamen Rider but it looks cool to me and I know there are many different color scheme of it. Since there are many variations of this Kamen Rider, Bandai is bound to milk the hell out of it xD. The articulation is great and stuff but if I wait just a bit longer, won’t I see the Fang Joker version? That one looks the coolest! And isn’t there one with swords too? If someone can kindly direct me to how I can watch this series so I can better fall in love with Kamen Rider then that would be awesome ^^;.

Rider Kick should look pretty badass with this model! Oh yea, those who frequent here enough times probably knows that I only post once a day (or even once a week) at most… but with a temporary influx of extra time at the moment, I’ll be posting a lot more so be sure to check back a little more frequent as I’ll have random updates here and there ^^;. Is school over for some of you already? It’s only been the second day and I’ve received several entries for the contest already o_o.


43 thoughts on “MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker

  1. also… the one with the sword is heat metal (red and silver scheme). the one with gun is lunar trigger (gold and blue).

    1. Your other post got auto-modded but I got it. Thanks ^^

      And yea, if not Fang then I do hope for Heat Metal ver! Who cares about the guns… >_>

  2. If I recall, I believe they’ll be releasing heat/metal and luna/trigger (Luna/something, but I think Trigger) as well. Saw them on display in some photos. Not sure about the Fang/Joker one, as the armor patterns on the joker side are different in that form. I’m just gonna buy this one and this one only, since it has THAT SCARF. Oh yeah~ scarf.

  3. Haha, hey, I mentioned about the typo over at Ngee Khiong too.
    Anyway, if you want to watch this series, there’s no better place than Youtube. They have subs for it up already.

    From Shizuoka Hobby show, only Heat Metal and Lunar Trigger is confirmed besides Cyclone Joker. I can’t be sure about Fang Joker. I would say there’re less chance of it being released unless Bandai wants to release Cyclone Joker Extreme too together with Fang Joker.

    Haha, I’ve pre-ordered mine as soon as Ngee Khiong announced it. This is the default form which Shoutaro/Phillip usually turns into first before changing form. I don’t know why but its design has me so hooked to it. ^^

  4. Definitely want CycloneJoker simply because I didn’t have the Figuarts version.

    If Bandai are crazier than they have been before, they might consider a plamo of 1/8 Machine Hardboilder (W’s bike).

      1. Oh yea… guess i should also wait until Bandai release a set with the bike! What kind of a rider is Kamen Rider without a bike to ride on?!

  5. Watch Double, it’s been an amazing ride so far.

    I kinda like how the double master grade(s) look, but the hands look blarrrg-uh >_>. Hope it comes with exchangeable pairs…

    I think I’d still rather get the SH Figuarts action figure(s) before this. Slightly cheaper and they probably have better articulation.

    Plus my figuarts Kabuto is looking loney all by himself. heh

      1. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I dislike the hands. They just look too…robotic, maybe? From first impressions, the hands seem blocky, the fingers look too small… Plus I just like several hands with my figures rather than a buhjillion joints. Maybe I’m in a minority.

        Nitpicky nitpicky. :x

        And I hope you’re enjoying Double. :3

  6. wonder if this worth a try, but I’ll wait for other Kamen Riders I guess, like Blade, Kabuto, or Faiz.

    schools is owaru (done) already many years ago -_-‘
    really want to be a teacher some day…

    1. Decade first? Blasphemy. Watching Decade first is like watching a condense version of Star Wars in 30 minutes.

      Kamen Rider The Next is a good place to start. It’s somewhat of a retelling of the original Kamen Rider trio. It’s back to basics; being a revenge story against a corporate evil by using a cybernetic suit, rather then being solo psudo-Power Ranger who eventually learn the meaning of justice.

      But if there is truly one to hook anyone on the Kamen Rider series, I would have to say Kamen Rider Faiz.

      It’s dark. It’s Steambot Chronicles dark. It’s cheery as Steambot Chronicles, but once you look past the kiddy feel, it’s pretty messed up. That’s when you learn about having hope, believing in justice, and what it takes to be a Kamen Rider, or some other cheesy third item.

      1. Decade 1st? That’s the worst possible choice to pick…. The plots are all twisted and it will give a wrong impression on the other series.

        Faiz is good, if only it had a real ending…I recommend Blade, Agito, Kabuto and Den-O.

      2. Technically, it’s 1hr, since it’s two episodes per show. lol and yeah, the plots from Decade are much different from the originals. But then again, where else can you get all the heisei and showa riders in one series? ^^

        personally I would recommend Kamen Rider The First :D

        1. Well for me, after watching Black RX years ago, my interest only restarted after seeing it in action in Decade. So yeah, though, different storylines, I agree that Decade’s the series to watch to see all the other’s Rider’s attacks and specialties.
          It’s too much to ask Z who is not a total fan to watch all series anyway. Besides, he’s only interested in W now.

          1. I too, think that Decade is a good series to start, especially if you’re just deciding what series you want and/or just want to get a feel on the other Rider series.
            And it’s consistently AWESOME, even during it’s bad parts.

    1. It’s an addictive series, ain’t it? ^^
      I love the comedies they used, especially when Shoutarou had to shout. XD

  7. Ah I want to get this, but the thing holding me back are the hands. How can you do the “Count the number of your sins?” or the transformation with those hands?

  8. Hoho, looks like Z is getting the MG W as well. XP
    I personally like W quite a fair bit for some odd reason. Maybe due to the way that the series has been done pretty well so far (and it is addictive!). I kinda want to get all the W variations (if my budget permits) when they do come out. o.o

    Wait, wait, what about those bike extensions? If Bandai makes those also, I’ll love Bandai forever. (But my wallet will hate them even more.) X/

  9. I’ll just make a rough prediction on this…..
    For those who are wondering if Bandai will release the Machine Hardboilder, his bike, I don’t see why they will release it under the label MG Figure-rise, since it is after all, for figures.

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