HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Kai

Just after reading the announcements of the MG Deathscythe, I took out my old HG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom to take a quick look and envisioned how awesome an MG version of it must be. Fact: This was the very first Gundam that I actually fell in love with after seeing its HG 1/144 Boxart.

Love it or hate it, the Deathscythe Hell Custom has one of the coolest motifs, color scheme, weapon, AND design style (You gotta dig those wings). This would be Batman’s Gundam of choice (after he removes the vulcans)! Strike Noir doesn’t really work because it has guns and Batman hates guns… >_>

So… for me to get a vague and general idea of the MG Deathscythe, I just removed its wings…

Yea… I think it just lost all of its menacing aura. The new MG Deathscythe will based on Katoki’s design so imagine this: Everything is pretty much the same except replace the upper body with the regular (Okawara’s) Deathscythe’s and change the color scheme a bit. There you go.

… Right?

Gotta have its wings back… xD. Anyway, my model looks pathetic. If you are still not convinced about this being Batman’s Gundam, then check this one out from ebasenet. It’ll rinse out the bad images here from your eyes too =)


31 thoughts on “HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Kai

  1. Talking about superheroes, if this would be Batman’s Gundam, then MG Kamen Rider W would be Spiderman’s choice? XD

      1. I was talking more about the mask. But if you’re referring to weapons, Sword Strike also has the grappling hook.

  2. Pathetic ?
    i disagree.
    Your photos makes any kit incredible !

    What about a 2.0 review of your older kits ?

    ok…ok…i stop…xD

  3. I still prefer the twin scythe of the animated series, combine it with the wings of the OVA and you have a beast. XD

  4. You have just inspired me to WANT a deathscythe hell custom!!

    I just wanted a Wing Zero(not custom) and a Wing Ver. Ka….but screw you. haha, :)
    I’m a sucker for wings.

  5. i fell I’ve lover duo from the first episode of gundam wing. he was just so uncaring and badass i loved him and his gundams in turn. I loved watching them as they got darker and cooler looking with every update

  6. Hi Z im a first time commentor long time reader of your blog and i love ur reviews im writing in order for u to clarify something to me and that is when applying topcoat do u cover foil stickers and clear parts or anything similiar ie exia gn stripes or do you not and also you spray the whole inner frame some enlightenment would be gratefully appreciated.

    1. I leave the sticker and clear parts off before spraying so I don’t have to cover anything.

      How about a little effort into using appropriate punctuation next time please?

  7. BATMAN woulden have to remove the Vulcan just don’t put any ammo in the head. you proble could get the MG Deathscythe and try to mount the wings from the 1/100 HG

  8. I really don’t like the Deathscythe Hell because of the wings, but after seeing how the Ver. Ka would look like, it changed my opinion. I just hope they don’t screw the kit up.

  9. it has no wings, but at least it has a booster backpack with uuumm… small wings… I think it is quite acceptable though…
    I am planning to get both, ver.ka and hell custom anyway (just like wing ver.ka and zero custom), no matter who is coming first.

  10. I’m gonna wait for Deathscythe with wings… Somehow my mum saw my shopping bill totally RM 1300 recently (USD $360) so i don’t think i can buy gunpla this week as planned… or I’ll get lectures… =.=;

  11. Hmm, its easy to regraft HG’s Armor plating and Wings onto the MG counterpart, but looking at patterns, Ver. Ka Wing was released into the market first before Wing Zero Custom came out.

    So I’d guess they’re trying to milk us as much as possible before the custom units from EW are out huh? If so, just this once, I am willing to get milked because I’ve actually waited for a long time for Wing units to get MG treatment, esp Deathscythe, Heavy Arms and Nataku/Sheng Long.

  12. A little late to the party, but nonetheless…

    At first, I wanted to start nitpicking about Z’s Batman comment about his general usage of guns (which have been used by Bats), but it’s a digression from my two cents on most people’s two cents on Katoki’s Deathscythe redesign (and it as an upcoming MG). While I can understand the comparisons between it’s design and Katoki’s redesigned Deathscythe Hell (which technically doubled–without the wings–as the Deathscythe in a flashback in EW, though I’m sure if Katoki can go back, he’d use his redesign of DS instead). But it’s like comparing Okawara’s Deathscythe with Okawara’s Deathscythe Hell; of course most people would look to the latter as being a cooler design with it’s mechanical cloak/wings and twin beam scythe. They’d look back to Deathscythe in retrospect and would kind of go, “Eh…” about it, as people are comparing Katoki’s redesign of Deathscythe and Katoki’s redesign of the Duo’s mid-series upgrade (DS Hell) seen in EW. I figure people would go a little more bonkers in excitement over the upgrades than they would the originals. Did people react similarly when Kamille upgraded from the Gundam Mk. II to Zeta Gundam? Sure, Katoki made his redesigns of both the originals and upgraded versions almost the same, but assuming he felt they were powerful enough to not need an extensive upgrade in the story, then it’s just something you just disagree with him on.
    A more proper comparison would be between Deathscythe ver. Katoki/EW and Deathscythe ver. Okawara. I mean, it’s as if people forgot that there was a normal, wingless Deathscythe in the beginning of Gundam W. Should I whack you on the head and then cite a video or screenshots of Episode 1 (or a manga) as a clue? If any of you can’t really compare those two and have to keep coming back to comparing Katoki’s redesigns as if they were separate units rather than an initial and upgraded-from-the-ashes design (as was the case with Okawara’s in the TV series) because of some overwhelming, emotional geek sense about Katoki’s DS Hell redesign animated and in action in Endless Waltz, then… *sigh* In any case, I’m still as fond of his redesigns of the first five upgraded Gundams as you all are with his redesigns of the upgrades (which I also like). Even his DS, I have a liking of; with the white Gundam head a bit closer to–as far as I’m concerned–symbolizing (without at all having to be shaped like).a skull, whereas Okawara’s seem more like an old German military helmet. And sure, because it’s based on the DS Hell design (when going chronologically in the real world), but there’s a sleekness and menacing look to his design that Okawara’s original Deathscythe lacked.

    Just to summarize, I just think it’s a bit unfair to Katoki in comparing his redesign of Deathscythe to his redesign of Deathscythe Hell; as if the former was just some lame cheap redesign made earlier this year rather than back in 1997 (at least for Newtype Mag, since it didn’t quite make it into EW). I can’t stop you from comparing it and coming to a conclusion that ends around the word “Duh”, but maybe you could make a more proper comparison between Okawara’s Deathscythe (not DS Hell) and Katoki’s? I remember someone elsewhere linking to the following image (though I forgot who) that basically makes such a comparison not just between the Deathscythes, but the other Gundams from GW as well:

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