Gundam 4Koma Part 2

Here’s another 4koma that I came up with while I was bored. This time using MG models instead of SD. Showing one for now and saving another for later because I don’t want to confuse anyone that you can use outside-of-Gundam mechs in the 4koma contest (I am making them just for fun).  Hope you like it!


“Yo Loran, what kind of dance you Moonrace people do when partying? I need something to show off to girls later tonight!”

“Let’s see… OH! We do the…”


“♪ Sochie Heim is not my lover! (ugh!) She’s just a girl who… ♪”

“Teach me that right now or I’ll bust an e-cap on yo ass!”

“Violence isn’t really a polite way of asking… how about I show you the Moonlight Butterfly?”

23 thoughts on “Gundam 4Koma Part 2

  1. Holy crap, this is so funny I had to comment on this xD

    For some reason, it looks like TurnA’s legs were made to moonwalk! Theres just something about it that makes it look hilarious xP

    (This is actually the first time I’ve posted here, even though I’ve been lurking for about a year rofl. Keep it up!)

    1. Loran (Turn A) is a MOONrace. and the dance he perform was MOONwalking (M. Jackson).

      also.. moonlight butterfly.

  2. hahaha burst some e-cap XD and get ready for it MK-II is gonna sing “Another One Bites The Dust” XD

    1. It’s good. To me anyways. No spoilers, but was directed by the great Tomino himself. :D It’s really odd at first, but if you can get past that, it’s really good. Not your typical mecha vs mecha, but mecha vs propellor planes from 50 years ago :P

    2. I could not get myself to watch pass episode 3… so i settled with the movies instead and I liked it. It really sorta feels like a dark Studio Ghibli film though…

      1. I was about to type that! I don’t even know if my friends know what it’s actually called, ’cause I call is Studio Shibli Gundam all the time instead. I thought The Anime was awsome…It did start t drag eventually when not much happened, but it does have a crazyish story.

      2. I’ll admit that it may be a little slow, and I can’t be a good judge on the movies since I haven’t watched that version, but there are some good episodes with parts of the story–whether crucial or otherwise–that you might’ve missed out on. Personally, I think Tomino should’ve walked away from making a movie version of TAG if he couldn’t at least do three movies or more. I mean, unless the bulk of the anime is filler (and I would first look to some other popular ones outside of Gundam as reference before I would look inside the franchise), I doubt you could properly cram a 50-episode TV series into two movies, even if the episodes are around 24 minutes long.

        I won’t bother defending TAG much though because it’s one of those animes where people just take it at face value rather than truly give it a try. I won’t harp on people over it (not too much, anyway), since people have different tastes, and I like the anime myself anyway, and for me, that’s what matters most. Even though I wish more people could at least take a look at TAG, if not accept it a bit more now than before.

        Besides, I want my HGCC 1/144 WaDom. (And the old Kapool, if it’s still around somewhere… Sadly–like the MGs I’m looking for–they’re already in someone else’s grasp in a couple of places I usually look at.)

  3. “Violence isn’t really a polite way of asking… how about I show you the Moonlight Butterfly?”

    Heheheh… Too bad you can’t even show it if you wanted to follow up on it.

    (Well… That is, unless you’re so good with papercraft or CG work. :) )

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