Jay Chou- The Era

A rather late post but still worth talking about. Jay Chou’s newest album, The Era (跨時代), just came in the mail earlier last week for me and I was ecstatic that I finally get to hear some new music from him after two years. I know everyone has downloaded music onto their computers, but there are some that are just worth paying for… and I think Jay Chou’s work is one of them ^^. I can download his album but I rather support his music… isn’t that what being a true fan is about?

I won’t get into too much detail about who he is (there’s wikipedia for that). He’s a prolific artist in the Asian community and I love his unique style of music. He has songs in many categories! Rap, hip-hip, R&B, rock, “country”, ballad, bubblegum pop and his ever-so-popular “Chinese” style. His songs cover unique topics like individuality, listening to your mother, domestic violence, competition, Chinese herbs, and… ah, you get the point. He can be original and along with that, his music is also meaningful. Before this post becomes a bit long, here are some of my favorite songs from him:

My favorite “feel good and be postive” song. Listening to this song helps reduce some of the negative thoughts running through my mind sometimes.

I love how he fuses Chinese instruments into his “中國風” songs. This being my favorite. Just poetic…

A song from his newest album. I’m glad I bought it… the music sounds better haha. I happen to like just about every song on this CD. It’s very refreshing… though it could also be from the fact that I was disappointed that he didn’t release anything last year and couldn’t wait for this one haha… nahhhh. I think he’s just that good ^^;.

I don’t like any of his MVs though ^^;. But yea, him releasing new music is something I look forward to every year. I listen to them daily… On my way to school, work, at home, building gunpla, and sometimes when I go to sleep. I also listen to Wang Leehom and David Tao but not as much as Jay chou.

So… do you listen to Jay Chou? What is your music preference?


37 thoughts on “Jay Chou- The Era

  1. I got introduced to Jay Chou after participating in our college’s Chinese Students Association. His name was was vaguely familiar to me, but I never gave it much thought until I gave him a search on iTunes and YouTube. Man, don’t you just love the internet?

    Thought he was just Ok at first, but he’s slowly caught on and now Jay Chou is the biggest reason for my regret at not knowing how to fluently speak Mandarin.

    Actually, I’m really big into movie soundtracks. You have to hear his soundtrack, “Secret” to know just how much of a musician Jay Chou really is. You don’t have to love “Secret” (which I didn’t) to enjoy the soundtrack.

    1. I like both the movie and the soundtrack! I’m sure Jay tries to make sure that anything he is involved in will have at least decent to very memorable music… even if everything else sucks >_>

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