Amazing how well this chart maps out my daily routine. How closely do you follow this chart?


17 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. VERY!!! that’s why my power supply project gave me a 3 due to this. because it has been. 2 or 3 weeks beyond the said date of passing. in spite of its ease of doing.

  2. LOL, I was kinda in the middle of the loop (hungry -> no money to eat out -> randomly browse). Apart from the social networks and IM parts, it’s frighteningly accurate :D

  3. Instead of the browing/social network crap, replace it with Play Stupid Amounts of Games, then it’s preeeetty accurate.

  4. lol I find some of the process in the flow chart doesn’t make sense. But otherwise, I’m a pro of procrastination too. I bought my first MG since more than 2 years ago and have yet to build even one yet. XD

  5. LOL where’d u find this?! This is just about everyone’s daily routine…unless they’re extra special, but for the most part…yeah, everyone’s like this. xD

      1. yea, I just bought 8 kits from there. I don’t think sword impulse is in stock. but rare gold frame amatsu is.

  6. I think it’s messed up:
    Are you lying? Yes. Is there a deadline?

    That route is the only way to enter “MEH do it” from there.

  7. LOL that’s exactly what i do. altho there is one extra one for me: do u need to shit? -yes-> shit for very long time
    no-> w8 a while and read -> do u have to shit now? -YA (only choice)-> shit for very long time

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