Gundam 4koma Giveaway Update

How is your 4koma coming along? It seems that a few people are getting confused about the contest this time (or didn’t read the guidelines well enough). I got a couple of entries that were really thought out but… they were not 4komas. Instead they were fleshed out stories that took 10+ scenes. I’ll mention it again before anyone goes and create a whole story again… The contest is GUNDAM 4KOMA! Four panels/scenes/photos ONLY. NO MORE NO LESS. Also, please restrict all “characters” to GUNDAM stuff only! That means no EVA, no Zoids, no… err, what’s her face… Nanoha! etc. etc.  And please make it vertical so that it is in proper format as well ^^;. Like this…

^An example of a 4koma.


I’ve decided to give a little more option on the prize. If you win and decided to not settle with the Lancelot and Topcoat then you can choose any Gundam model of your choice (up to 1600 YEN) but… you’ll probably have to wait until end of July or early August since it will come in with my own order. And you also don’t get the topcoat if you choose this option. Just throwing it out there.

In case you missed the first post and want to see the full details of this giveaway, check out this post. GOOD LUCK!


21 thoughts on “Gundam 4koma Giveaway Update

  1. lol That 4koma is really good. XDXD

    Haha, it seems there’s still people who didn’t read the rules…. ^^;

  2. is it okay to put some other props… like figmas… i was thinking of continuing that haruhi review that you made… where haruhi was taught by avalanche exia to (become a gundam”…

    also, can i use other ideas from some shorts that i watched in the past? for example, the preview shorts before the second season of 00

    1. Clearly you aren’t reading, are you? These are words from Z himself:

      “please restrict all “characters” to GUNDAM stuff only! That means no EVA, no Zoids, no… err, what’s her face… Nanoha! etc. etc.”

      “Work must be original.”

      Meaning, the answer would be ‘no’ for both your questions. Unless you want to take and modify the idea you see from the preview shorts.

  3. hey, can I ask for help? i got all the pictures taken and all, but where do most of you make your 4koma? in photoshop?
    or I can just send my pics in order and adds some subs under it? sorry. thank you. :)

  4. oh, im sorry, i did’nt know this was part 2, hehehe…
    just looked at part 1 and understood the rules T_T

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