Korean BBQ

Oh how I love Korean food… especially its BBQ! Haven’t had this since who knows when so it was awesome to finally have some again ^^

You can so see that it is smiling right?

Load of side dishes. UGH! the place was actually a lot darker than it seems.. didn’t know the photos were this blurry >_<

We wanted shortribs (kalbi!) and this is what they brought us… I don’t know how to identify meat but I swear this is ribeye…

Dolsot Bibimbap… Gotta have the “dolsot” (stone pot) in there to complete this dish. It’s basically rice, egg, and assorted veggies on a very hot stone pot but it’s soooo guuud!

stir-fried calamari and sliced rice cake in “spicy” chili sauce. Eat it over white rice and it is heaven…

let it burn…

… but not too much ^^;. Still good to go om nom nom..

Korean BBQ your thing?



11 thoughts on “Korean BBQ

  1. I don’t go outside to eat that often so I can’t say if I like Korean food or not, but those looks nice, except for that plate full of ‘spicy’ chilli sauce. If it’s not too ‘spicy’ then I can accept…..

  2. its funny really, you put the meat almost covering the grill after it is cooked you barely see any meat left. XD but still a delicious alternative to what you normally eat

  3. When were you at TOJI?!

    Btw I don’t like Toji very much. I’ve tried better Korean food.

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