Astray Red Frame WISP 3: Head

Comparison between the MG and 1/100 head. While some 1/100 design will begin to look like utter crap as the MG version is being completed, the regular Red Frame continues to hold its own against its MG counterpart. I’m not saying the MG head is not stunning (it is very gorgeous!) but again… goes to show how well the original 1/100 was designed ^^;.




Funny thing was… the 1/100 head has an easier time fitting into the MG body while I had to fiddle around with the MG head to get it in (the polycap kept rotating). I was supposed to complete the review this week but due to some serious time miscalculations, it will most likely have to wait awhile… like probably after I come back from Anime Expo (will talk about that later). The miscalculations being that I thought summer school starts next week instead of this week so I made plans accordingly and was too late to realize it so now my schedule is a bit… messy ^^;. This also means there will be an extension for my giveaway but more on that later. Just know that it won’t be any time soon so you can take your time to work on your 4koma.


19 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame WISP 3: Head

  1. I actually like the 1/100 fins better, if only they were not so thick, the MG’s fins look too long to be practical, but really, the Astray Red Frame is a thing of beauty, still my favourite Gundam so far, I just wish it weren’t so short compared to Exia :)

  2. No lie, the red frame is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see what it turns out like, especially considering your skill and patience when it comes to building gunpla!

  3. Sleek and sharp, that’s what I like the Astrays better than any mainstream Gundam.

    Is there supposed to be a clear piece in the forehead camera of the MG head?

  4. Didn’t you post about the head a few days ago too? XD
    The biggest difference is the v-fin, followed by the length of the head from sideways…

    Time miscalculations, huh? Take your time sorting things out. ^^

  5. you can easily see that the MG head has a more muscular design over the NG one.

    one question are the MG eyes also clear green?

  6. This might be a dumb question, but is there any difference between the NG Gold and Red frames? (aside from the bazooka)
    I have the Gold Frame was wondering if I should get the Red one as well.

  7. Not sure if my previous comment was posted. (first time posting)
    Is there a difference between the NG Gold and Red frames aside from the bazooka?

    I have the Gold and was wondering if I should get the Red.

    1. Ok, so the only difference between the RF and the GF besides GF having a bazooka and a different color scheme than RF is that the RF has a katana (Gerbera Straight). It’s up to you if you want to get it, but personally, i would.

  8. The GF does have the Katana. Took me a while, but I finally painted it.
    I’ve seen the RF do some amazing things (for a HG). It’s legs seem really poseable. The GF didn’t seem that way when I finished it.

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