Gundam 2010 Competition

Another Gunpla contest! but it’s not from me this time. This particular one is sponsored by Hobbylink Japan and Tomopop so it’s bound to be pretty awesome. I’ve been out of the loop recently so I just found out about this over at Plamo Addiction.  All the details on this page if you are interested so I don’t have to type out all the info. I’d like to point out that even if you don’t think you have a chance of winning, you should enter anyway since you can get a 10% discount voucher from HLJ. I’ve held a few Gunpla contests myself so it’ll definitely be refreshing to be able to join one  myself! If you’ve read the subcategories details, then it is very obvious which one I am going to compete in hehehe. One of them is just beckoning me to join! Now I just have to decide which model to enter…

Hope all of you will be participating too! Good luck!


17 thoughts on “Gundam 2010 Competition

  1. cool z, I will definitely join too, with my pg skygrasper :p I really want to win, don’t I? LOL
    10% off in hlj is beckoning me to join :p

  2. I saw this over at Busterbeam’s blog too. It seems nicely built/ painted is needed for the contests…..except for one, haha. But even that will need more than just an action pose to win.

  3. The 10% discount…. do we get it as soon as we enter or do we have to wait till the competition ends, I wonder. I’m thinking this because I don’t have plans to buy anything after the deadline of the competition…..

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