Was feeling a little adventurous last weekend so I invited a few friends over and we tried making takoyaki (たこ焼き)… for the first time.

Let’s start out with the ingredients!

The savory sauces for the takoyaki. Everyone loves the Kewpie mayo except me >_>…

Takoyaki flour and katsuo (shaved bonito flakes)

Chopped green onions

shredded red ginger

Octopus (Tako). Diced (oops… forgot a pic of that ^^;).

Pick for turning the takoyaki around on the grill. Container and brush for oil.

Takoyaki pan. Hehe… I actually had this pan for over two years now and this is its first time seeing the light of day (err… night).

The batter has to be very watery and must not have any clumps.

First batch… pan wasn’t hot enough (I hate electric grills…) and the batter mix had too much water so it took forever and a day to cook… so we added more flour to hopefully balance things out. So while this batch was slowly taking its sweet time to grill…

we stir-fried some clams to munch on while we wait ^^;

I thought my friend was a pro with the wok but turns out that it was her first time making it… and it was delicious!

Back to the takoyaki grilling. So we got fed up with the weak electric grill and decided to plop it on a gas range… and we’re finally getting somewhere. Funny how it took like three people to flip the takoyaki on the grill xD. Sorry for not having a step by step thingy as I was busy the whole time and things were getting messy so I didn’t get to take any photos ^^;.

Though not perfectly round, they turned out quite alright actually.

Load up on the mayo, aoi nori, katsuo, and takoyaki sauce and who cares how it looks when your mouth is full of yummm? With that single bag of flour, we probably made about 100 takoyaki and everyone was stuffed near the end ^^;. It was very good even though it was our first time making it… I’d even say it was a lot better than the pre-made frozen takoyaki I bought from the supermarket long ago.

Making takoyaki is fun and makes for an enjoyable gathering with friends just like hotpot. I’ll probably make another attempt at this by myself some other time to get a better hang of it. So for now…



20 thoughts on “Takoyaki

  1. Yes none of the frozen foods are healthy, but dang bro, I’m drooling for Tako ! This look much tastier than I taste before somewhere in my hometown.

    Why mayonnaise instead of Wasabi ? I thought spicier is better.

  2. Haven’t had much chance to taste Takoyaki before but they look very delicious indeed. I used to eat fried squid on a satay stick before and that was nice.

  3. yeah its a lot better than the one sold at malls. the takuyaki sold on a local mall has no Octopus. not even a small piece of it.

  4. O.O *drools* damnit Z, why? why must you post takoyaki? you’re making me so hungry ! D:< (btw this is Allen here. got bored and made me an account)

  5. ahhh wow! you can cook too?! man your making me so hungry… i hope i can come across that takoyaki pan so i can make some to, but it’s probably gonna suck and taste bad..

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