HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe

*Sigh* I have completely given up on searching for my NG 1/100 Red Frame’s backpack as it is absolutely nowhere to be found in any of my gunpla boxes… however, I did managed to dug up this antique ^^;.

Built and painted wayyy back since who knows when by a past friend (I traded my OOB 1/100 Nataku and Sandrock Kai for it… don’t ask. I had to get rid of some models before moving out) back in NYC. ’twas probably about ten years or so ago. Parts such as the Scythe, its right hand, and most of its beam effect parts have been lost long ago. This is what’s left of it.

Not a bad looking model at all. A bit bulky and overall “big” but still very nice even if it can’t do much with its articulation. At the time, I thought the paintjob was amazing… looking at it now and it’s kinda “meh” ^^;

It is also bigger overall than the Deathscythe Hell Kai too haha. Just wanted to share this piece of gunpla from the times of yore with everyone. Do you have any old GW models? Do share.


50 thoughts on “HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe

  1. Oh yeah 1/100 Deathscythe… I have this kit too and despite the lack of articulations and floppy parts due to old technology, it’s still one of my favourite kits.

    The upcoming MG Deathscythe should have been this one or the DHC instead of the lesser know Katoki version. Looks less exaggerated but more menacing in a subtle way, with bulkier proportions.

  2. It’s been a while; finally got some time to start catching up on blogs.

    1/100 Deathscythe was probably one of my first 1/100 gunpla back then. I was too young to appreciate modelling back then, and already broke some parts already as my first attempt in gunpla – the parts for the scythe, which is quite a big blow to me as the scythe was one of the key thing for the model – what’s Deathscythe withouts its scythe?!

    As I was still not appreciating them too well, I still managed to break more GW models, including those in the EW line, and eventually threw them away (quite a waste really). Funny enough, I think I saw one remaining part of the Deathscythe in my current room after moving home about 2 times; the V-fin which I found among my stationaries for some bizzare reasons I still don’t understand.

    Now even though I am still very casual towards gunpla modelling, I would try to appreciate / value the ones I bought, even if it seems to be some random HG 1/144 that lots of people would overlook. Every breakage now will be keenly felt, be it a 1/100 or even a 1/144. With Strike Noir being one of my gunpla when I resumed gunpla again – it was quite a rough work when I first did it, and 2 years later I did a touch-up of it – sanding the nub marks away and panel-lining, tighten up loose joints with blu-tacks etc. It was quite a satisfying touch when it’s more than back to it’s glroy, but even more enhanced. That’s probably when I really start to appreciate them.

    As for the new GW models, Wing looks tempting, but I will probably hold until Wing Zero comes out. Not too fond of Katoki Hajime’s retro designs to be honest even though there are lots of fanboys going for the redesigns (like when you hear people who frown those who rejoices to the annoucement of MG Wing Zero TV version and boasts “supremacy” of Katoki’s redesigns), but I don’t mind if EW versions are out. I think.

  3. I’m pretty sure I had all the HG 1/100 GW and Endless Waltz Kits. I still have a Deathscythe H and my PG Wing Zero on my backlog

  4. oi…. the EW series… reminds me of the nataku and how it could NEVER pose w/o falling over due to it’s shoddy leg joints. The DSHC was one of the more decent models of the series that could actually stand on it’s own w/o tipping over.

  5. 1/100 HG Wing Zero Custom
    1/100 HG Wing Zero
    1/144 HG [Fighting Action] Wing Zero Custom

    Man I hated the 1/100 Series of Gundam Wing. Everything was mega bulky and couldn’t hold poses. Zero Custom’s wings were too massive and eventually just fell off -__-.

  6. I bought the complete collection of EW 1/100 a long time ago in a discounted set. I also have 1/100 of WZero and Epyon.

  7. How nostalgic….
    Still love the design of the mecha, although it’s seems “Back To The Future” (pardon me) *ehem*

  8. hmmm hey z i plan on buying 2 HG 1/100 Tallgeese III and then spray paint it 2 make 1 of it look like tallgeese I and the other as just the talgeese III ,although it will cost me a lot of my savings………..
    do you think i should go 4 it?

    1. how about buy one first to see how you like the model first? If I remember correctly, The 1/100 Tallgeese III needs like… hella painting compared to others in its line-up.

      1. I don’t have either the 1/144-scaled or 1/100-scaled Tallgeese III so I can’t comment from that perspective, but on the MAHQ website, there is a review of the 1/144-scaled Tallgeese III model that claimed the model kit is essentially a repackaged version of the older Tallgeese model from the GW lineup. Whether this is true of the 1/100 model, I’m not certain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true if not for the reason that–after looking at images of both for too long–I noticed the 1/100 Altron/Nataku (EW) model may very likely have borrowed the lower (if not entire) leg parts of the 1/100 Shenlong (TV) model:

        1. actually z i had already built a 1/100 tallgeese III, it was my friends. i know the articulation sucks but what im after is just the awesome look of the tallgeese III itself and i want a challenge in painting a kit. my 1st paintjob on a kit was on a mg hi-nu gundam, made it look like it had nu gundams color scheme and its pretty darn good for a 1st go at painting kits if i do say so myself

          and siroh i think your right about the nataku…..

  9. Wow! NG 1/100 Deathscythe, I just start my gunpla since 2007 so don’t have old gunpla collection. My older gunpla is HG 1/144 GX divider. ^^;

    Lets see, GW modal, SD count? I have HG 1/144 wing zero custom and HG 1/144 Tallgeese III, PG Wing Zero Custom, SD Wing Zero and Wing Zero Custom, MG Wing ver.ka. Wish to get MG Wing Zero Custom soon to complete my all size Wing Zero Custom. X3

  10. Hey Z, quick question, since you’re currently building the MG Red Frame Revise, I was wondering whether the clear body parts were extra, or if they’re mandatory body parts.

    1. those things kinda look good for showing out the inner frames (especially those 2.0) but never gave the chance to use them because I wanted my models to look “almost” exactly to the anime. now my extra E plate is still wrapped on plastic thinking what to do with it.

  11. I have only 1/144 HG Wing Gundam Zero Custom, the last GW kit that came here in Europe with the manual and the box in English (no, it´s not a bootleg, i checked it myself). The only thing that impresive me was the double knee and elbow bend and the gold plating, the rest it….normal. And i hate the beam sabers that comes with, a simple white stick -.-

  12. Wow! That sure is a blast from the past. In fact, I do believe that the 1/100 HG Deathscythe was my second Gundam model after the 1/100 HG Wing. They sure couldn’t keep poses very well. Of the two, I currently have my Deathscythe displayed in my office since it’s joints where in much better shape…

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