To Anime Expo!

There’s no turning back now. While I’ve talked about attending Anime Expo awhile back, I didn’t register till just now haha. Reason being that I started watching Macross Frontier to see if I want to go to the Megumi Nakajima May’n Concert… and I think I’ll pass on it ^^;. Sorry… I’m not a Macross person nor do I enjoy its music much (though I do like the cute song “Seikan Hikou”). Anyway, I’m gonna have to scramble to pack and plan things out as this is my first time going to a real convention where I am not there just selling stuff in the booth. I won’t show up until Friday though since I will arrive Thursday night. I’m gonna be so lost… an iPad would probably be useful in this case as I don’t think I want to bring my macbook pro with me…

I just looked at the Guest of Honors list and saw Eri Kitamura (Ami from Toradora!) and Yui Horie (Minorin from Toradora!) on there O_O! That’s freakin’ awesome! I want their autographs but I don’t have any related stuff for them to sign >_<. Not to mention Katsuyuki Konishi (KAMINA!… Johann Trinity, Volfogg from GGG)… hope I can get an autograph from him as well. Last but not least, looking forward to meeting Danny Choo as well.

I should probably keep in mind what I really want to find in the dealers room as well… No Gundam stuff for me though. I have enough of those already. Maybe look into some SH Figuarts or SIC if I see them…

How fitting to have Konishi-san to sign that shirt :D. So who else is all going to Anime Expo here? It would be cool to bump into each other and actually meet in person. If you want to spot me, just look for the ronery Chinese guy with glasses wielding a Canon XSi. ^^

Now I need some help from those who lives in LA… What’s the most cost-effective yet efficient way to get from the LA airport (LAX) to downtown Los Angeles at 10 PM? Taxi is my last resort. Any info is much appreciated ^^;.

Anyway, see you all there!


32 thoughts on “To Anime Expo!

  1. Starting at Lax (don’t worry about the times I just put in 10pm as the leaving time but if you miss that there will be another bus within 20 minutes, they run all night until about 4)
    Ride Flyaway Union Station (UNION STATION) heading south
    Pay $7.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
    Ride Metro Rapid 733( SANTA MONICA) heading south
    To: VENICE BLVD/FIGUEROA ST(NE corner) Ar: 11:19PM
    Pay $1.25, Monthly Pass/TAP: $75.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
    Ending at 1201 S Figueroa St
    Find Nearby..(Pass/TAP Outlets | Park & Ride Lots)

    Total cash fare = $8.25
    Trip time is about 1 hour and 18 minutes.
    Trip distance is about 23.35 miles.


    Ride Flyaway Union Station (UNION STATION) heading south
    Pay $7.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
    Ride Metro Express Line 445( SAN PEDRO – PACIFIC-21ST) heading south
    To: FIGUEROA ST/PICO BLVD(SW corner) Ar: 01:46PM
    Pay $1.25, Monthly Pass/TAP: $75.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
    Ending at Cherry St/pico Blvd
    Find Nearby..(Pass/TAP Outlets | Park & Ride Lots)

    Total cash fare = $8.25
    Trip time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    Trip distance is about 23.22 miles.

    good luck, hope it helps!

  2. I’m going to the Expo on Friday too! I haven’t registered yet, as my mom’s being a btch and won’t pre-register…but anyways, the only place I’m gonna be is the Exhibit Hall, which is basically where all the stuff is sold. If you see a tall (6’0) Chinese guy wearing glasses and has a sort of babyface (or so my friends say), then thats me. Chances are, if you see someone like that whose going around asking if there’s a Lancelot Ver. Ka anywhere, then it IS me. xDD

    I never cared for much else at the convention…it’s just my chance to pick up rare Gunplas and the occasional RD or Knightmare.

    What time are you gonna be there from? I’ll be there from around 1:30PM to 3:00PM.

    Hope I get to meet you! ^^;

    1. I actually think I’ll wear a white shirt with the words “GUNDAM” painted on it and a sucky drawing of RX-78-2’s head…hmmm…

      1. oh, and as far as getting to Downtown LA…you can drive, correct? I’m sure they have rent-a-car facilities near the airport, but if that doesn’t work out for you, there should be (almost certain) busses or shuttles that take you from LAX to downtown LA…and they do have Taxies, but you said that’s a last resort, so…yeah, rent-a-car or shuttle. Whichever one you find more convienent.

        1. Wait… so you’re going to pay $45 just to get in to buy more stuff and nothing else? Might as well use that money to pay for shipping online since you can probably find cheaper prices ^^;. I’ll be there around 9 in the morning to get my pass and will probably stay there till night time or whenever I get bored.

          Thanks for the tips… I’ll look into the shuttle and find my way to my hotel from there.

          1. It’s $45? I thought it was $35…meh, whateva. Yeah, it’s mostly for the buying of stuff, but I also wanna see people’s cosplays and pick up some exclusive stuff (AX shirts, whatnot)

            I saw a really interesting Bleach and Starscream cosplay last year…this guy made an entire G1 Starscream cosplay out of cardboard…oh yeah, and I’ll be entering the AMV contest too. (If I got accepted)

            Ur gonna stay from 9-night? Thats a pretty long time…

          2. It costs 45USD just to get in Anime Expo?! That makes the HK equivalent (ACGHK) sounds real dirt cheap (4USD roughly lol).

  3. those guys never go on expos or cons here, we only get cover bands, a helluva lot of dealers, famous pinoy comic book artists and cosplayers.

    the famous persons on the anime industry and the Choo have yet to come here.

  4. You’re in for a treat. The Bandai World Cup N. American regionals are being held at AX this year. You’re going to see a lot of well built gunpla.

    I’ll be staffing in the Press/Industry department =D

  5. Huh? My comment didn’t show up? Retype in progress…

    SH Figuarts or SIC? Are you interested in Kamen Rider now, Z? ^^

  6. If it’s not an inconvenience, will you guys that are going keep an eye out for the MG GM Quel Hazel head parts? Have been looking for those forever, and can’t seem to find them anywhere… Of course, will pay, just let me know how much it is… my email is

      1. Yes. Was a magazine exclusive kit a few years back (don’t remember exactly when it was, or which magazine – Dengeki Hobby or Hobby Japan, one of the two). It came out at the height of the Advance of Zeta craze. Yes, it was just the Hazel head, to go on the GM Quel body (thusly, turning it into a Hazel :) )

  7. Y’know, as I re-read this message, all I can comment on is how I envy you as you’re going without having to worry too much about Gunpla. Meanwhile, as I try to salvage my Turn A Gundam in it’s little revamping project, I just superglued in Loran’s pilot seat (I’m choosing my words carefully to avoid the typical puns and innuendo here), which came apart from problems with paint and I can’t reinsert it the normal way (much like the problem with my Sandrock model’s legs). Before that, I accidentally stabbed my left thumb twice trying to trim down a couple of areas to the left and right of Loran’s pilot seat. The second was a hell of a lot worse, and required even more bandages, more pressure, and hope that it’ll seal up without gushing the rest for it. And this happened before (less severely) with the same damn thumb when I was doing something similar.

    I don’t regret getting my Turn A as a gift, but in spite of your general “Eh…” comments about the simple details and prices of the Robot Damashii lineup, in order to even try to get my model to do a kneeling position that it’s RD counterpart to do effortlessly, I’m bleeding for my hobby! Drips of blood in another room. I might still get the MG, but if I do much more bleeding for my liked hobby, I’m going to figures big time before I even touch an MG. *sigh*

    Oh, well. At least you’re having it better with tools and MGs (and multiple GFFs), as well as having a general break from building Gunpla during your visit to AE. Though part of me thinks maybe you should reconsider that No-Gunpla rule if you find something nice-yet-not-expensive, I’m really wishing I could just get GvZG for my GameCube rather than more Gunpla. That thought will wear off in a few hours, and were I in your lucky position of attending AE, I might just bite if I see something.

  8. Lol. You want an iPad? Well then I suggest that you try pawning off some of your stuff, gadgets (iPhone if you have it) or sell some of your gundams. I am sure that you can overcharge them on eBay since you painted them so nicely, and the buyer won’t complain either. =D

    1. Oh no. I never said I wanted one. I only said it would be useful in this situation as it is small and convenient… but now that I’ve decided to bring my MBP, the iPad goes back to being just as useless to me as before.

  9. So how is the weather like in LA now? I checked the weather reports and it’s usually mid-70’s to low 80’s but those numbers really mean much to me… I’m just asking, how does it feel?

    1. the weather is nice and cool in the morning, but toward 11:00AM, the sun comes out and it becomes warmer. In the afternoon, it’s pretty hot, just about mid 70’s to low 80’s.

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