Hello City of Angels!

Ah.. Los Angeles… the city known for having ridiculous traffic jams and true enough… even planes get into it. My flight was 15 minutes early but got stuck in a traffic jam once we landed so we were grounded for a good 35-40 minutes. Since I have a small sense of humor, I actually found it amusing and got a good snicker…

It’s 10:30 PM at night and people are still stuck in traffic at this time! Anyway… kinda tired at the moment and I have to wake up early (8 am) to head off to the expo tomorrow so I’m out…

See you there!


9 thoughts on “Hello City of Angels!

  1. Wow first time I heard planes have traffic jam after landing.

    I have only experienced delays of landing on board a plane. I guess LA is such a big city than.

  2. obviously you HAVEN’T been here where our traffic is more ridiculously twisted even on a light afternoon

    1. It was my first time stepping foot into the state of California and LA so nope… haven’t seen it yet. haha

      douzo yoroshiku onegashimasu!

  3. Welcome! I’d love to give you a tour, but I’m sure you’ve already seen what it’s like around here…there isn’t really much to LA…but downtown…well, just don’t wander the streets alone after the sun goes down, kay? ^^;

    Hope to see you at the expo!

  4. Just dont order pizza, there…Oh wait thats Baltimore

    Aint that bad, last time I travelled back and forth from saudi to Phils were grounded for an hour or more.

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