Anime Expo Day 2

Here’s some bits and pieces of my first day to the Anime Expo. Will do a full-blown one and my entire LA experience when I get back home.

The itabus!

Was promptly escorted out the building because I didn’t have a badge and the guy showed me the way… ^^;

Line for registration is NAGAAIIIIIIIIII. Even so… it was amazingly fast. Waiting at the DMV takes much longer.

Exhibition hall… wth Bandai’s booth was cool (saving it for another post). It certainly was the most gundam models I’ve ever seen in my life… but they didn’t have any SH Figuarts. At all. C’mon Bandai!

Recognize this Saber?

I was all the way in the front during Danny Choo’s panel and this is as far as my camera can zoom u_u

A mob of people (it got bigger than this afterward) swarming around Saber to get a shot at her.


Danny sure is popular

This is how I’ll look like tomorrow if you want to spot me. I’ll be attending Danny’s meetup at ESPN Zone. Damn… I knew I should’ve brought my Haro with me…

Grandma said this…”There’s a Kamen Rider figure that you should buy before others. Walking the path of heavens… the one who will rule everything”


23 thoughts on “Anime Expo Day 2

  1. You shoulda posted what you look like sooner…oh well, not that it would’ve been easy to find you in a huge mob of people anyway.

    I’ve already been back from day two. Not attending any other day, unfortunatly. Did you have fun there?

    I was sorely dissapointed when I saw the Lancelot Ver. Ka on display at the Bandai booth but they didn’t have it for sale…

    I saw some really awesome cosplays there…there was Bleach, a whole lot of Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Laggan (one Koyo cosplay was especially attractive), Code Geass, and even Gundam, which is usually rare to see (it was only one guy dressed as Allelujah in his pilot suit), and many others that I don’t know about…there was even a guy with a TV sitting on his head. (O__O)

    Picked up lots of exclusive items that I usually don’t find. Doesn’t seem like wasting money to me either, since my parents discourage online buying and there’s always shipping, which is a hassle. >.>

    Looking forward to your post on the Bandai booth! (Did you see the small RX-78 Statue at the entrance which was about 3.5ft. tall? I was almost tempted to shake it’s hand if it didn’t have stickers plastered on it that said “do not touch”)

    Last thing: I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY CHARGE SALES TAX!! I MEAN WTF?! Last year there wasn’t any sales tax on anything, but the prices went up dramatically at the checkout because of tax and whatnot…and they’re not even really official stores, just small stands…*glares at tax sign*

    You’ll be there for the rest of the days?

    1. I’m done with it for today. There is a gundam model seminar I think at 8:30 but I think I’ll pass on that now that I’m back in my hotel. Not to mention my body is aching…

      Will you be going to ESPN Zone at least? That is not part of the con so you can attend for free… beside paying for food that is.

      The Gundam booth charges tax? I didn’t know that since I didn’t buy anything from there. All the other stuff I bought didn’t have tax either (or they were already added to the price I’d assume).

      I went to the “Bandai meeting room” thinking there might be some awesome people building gundam models or something but when I walk in… all I see were people playing card games.

      1. The Convention lasts that long?? I thought it only went up to 6:00…dang, should’ve stayed fot the Gundam model seminar then…tsk…

        ESPN Zone? Whats that? And where? If it’s free, I might go, but the chances are slim, since the Convention Center is quite far away from here…

        Where was the meeting room anyway? I wandered all around the Expo, but the only noteworthy place was the Exhibit Hall and Art Galleries…what was at the West Hall? I saw alot of people milling around there, and went to check it out, but all I found was alot of people in costumes and really nothing else.

        So what cha get at the Expo?? Anything Gundam-related? Apparently u got a Kamen Rider figure, but what else? Don’t keep it a secret from us…I’m sure many of us are dying to know. D:

        I just picked up model kits there today. I actually bargined a bit and got a few discounts. Ah, that dude with the afro at the Bandai stand sure was nice…got meself the Guren Mk. II model, MG Wing, MG Infinite Justice, Celestial Being action base, and a small SD Lancelot Alibion Figure. I was so tempted to get a RD Knightmare Frame, but most of them looked ugly…not to mention the one that I was shooting for, the Gawain, wasn’t there. Gonna hve to wait for the Ver. Ka Alibion then…

        By the way, when and where do you plan to buy the Ver. Ka Lancelot and Gurren Laggan? Just curious… O__O

        1. The west hall had a bunch of theatre rooms and auditorium type rooms like the one Danny presented in. But yea.. not really a lot of events going on that side.

          ESPN Zone is a restaurant i would think… I just saw it earlier as I went out to roam around this area of LA… it’s kinda between the staples center and nokia theatre… or in that area of restaurants.

          You sure bought a lot of Gundam models… the prices on the GFF were nice but I don’t think i’ll have the room to carry them so blah. Didn’t see any Gundam-related stuff I care about. Just looking for odd/unusual stuff that I don’t normally look for.

          Well, see you at ESPN Zone at three if you can make it.

  2. you’re picture of the Choo looks like singing on a karaoke bar XD. wish one day he goes here on the Philippines. and o yea didn’t noticed it before but your cam’s shutter is on the left?

      1. amen. There were allloottt…I spotted 10 or 20 of ’em in those black robes of theirs with the red clouds and blah…

        1. i love the epic fail cosplay’s of pain. they all end up looking like emo’s with too much piercings and a bad haircut.

        2. almost the same here on my country. you will never run short of ninjas on ani cons here. also L and shinigami cosplayers (the Bleach and Deathnote type)

  3. Huh? You said there’s not a single Figuarts at Bandai’s booth at all but what’s that? Not yours? ^^;
    I got my Kabuto quite recently too.

    1. There’s something I have to point out. Danny is really right by stating something always leads to something. One Gunpla will lead to more. So be careful, Z, one Figuarts may lead to more too… >∀<

  4. Kabuto, I like Kabuto with armor better though.
    but Kabuto is Kabuto, the greatest Kamen Rider ever was.

    and I like SIC more than SHF and the others too. ^^

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