Korean Truck Food

Having lunch outside the Los Angeles Convention Center on the last day of Anime Expo. Cheap and tasty… best combination.

Korean drinks… small and expensive u_u. Still good! That rice punch is mine…so refreshing…

Friend potato wedges with chili sauce

Pork Mandu (dumplings)

My favorite… grilled chicken and korean peppers on a skewer. Sorry for the utterly bright pics… it has been bright and sunny here ^^. I’m loving every minute in LA!

Spotted another tasty eye candy… The driver was flooring it so I was also treated to some sound candy as well ;)

More later…

13 thoughts on “Korean Truck Food

  1. You’re one lucky b****** Z, getting to hear the V12 ensemble of a Murcielago Roadster…

    I’m now envying yez…

  2. I… see… FOODSTANDONWHEELS! :D Say, that rice punch sound interesting… maybe I should run around and look for the stuff!

  3. The rice punch sounds interesting for sure :) Love me some kimchi… haven’t had any of it in close to 20 years :( My babysitter when I was a child was a native Korean who immigrated to the US; her hubby was the Master at the TaeKwonDo dojang I was a student at. She would always save me some kimchi when she knew I was coming :)

    And the cheap street vendor food is usually the best, from what I’ve found in my (somewhat) limited travels. Went to NYC last year, ate at a variety of places, but the best food without a doubt was the lamb gyros from street vendors. The hot dogs were pretty tasty too (and I really don’t like hot dogs). Of course, the sandwiches and pickles at the Carnegie Deli were wonderful, if not a bit expensive.

  4. wow a Lambo… would like to see one here but it’s utterly RARER to see it lying on a sidewalk,

  5. That Lambo is absolutely beautiful…. And the food looks good, too! Looks like you’re havin’ a blast, Z. :)

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