When I Come Back…

I owe you the following:

– Finish the MG Astray Red Frame

– Finish the 4koma contest

– spam posts about Anime Axpo

– Post about the Danny Choo x FAKKU! meetup

– post about my time roaming LA (Hotel hopping, food, stores, people, sights, etc)

– MAYBE Start a new category of reviews

– moving on with life

Last day in Los Angeles so I’m gonna go grab me some ramen and poke around Little Tokyo before I fly back to boredland at night. Peace out!


10 thoughts on “When I Come Back…

  1. Uhm…ok then…there’s nothing much at little tokyo…I was just there yesterday, and since there wasn’t much, I just wandered into Chinatown, where I picked up some new rereleased Wing Gundam models (1996)

    LOL Anime Axpo?!

    Isn’t fakku that thing where…and yeah…my friend always goes on about it, and frankly, it ain’t the best conversation subject…


  2. :O I’m Confused xD does that mean we had an extended deadline for the 4koma? D: I missed the deadline and I thought I couldn’t hand it in anymore x]

    I hope you had fun at AX ! :D

  3. It’s probably a Captain Obvious thing that ran over my head, but what exactly do you mean by “moving on with life”? Gunpla Inochi is your life. :P [/Cheesy-sarcasm-that-should-not-be-taken-seriously-but-would-if-I-didn’t-have-this-fake-UBB-tag-here-in-spite-of-a-smiley] I take it just the managing of family/school/work/etc. with maybe an occasional update here whenever you get to your hobbies? Or an indefinite break? Or…? *shrug*

    While everyone’s looking forward to the Astray Red Frame WIP and (eventually the) review posts, I’m actually wanting to see your posts about your time at LA (including the Expo) and especially the possibility of a new category of reviews you’re thinking about doing (SH Figuarts?). And I hope the work you have to do goes smoothly (in spite of the heat wave covering the country).

    1. “Or an indefinite break? Or…? *shrug*”
      Expo out there sounds interesting. We only have small Toy Conventions around here and there are only like…5 – 7 groups (different forum members) that hold the event. Sad really.

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