Anime Expo: The Gundam Booth

So I didn’t realize how many pics I took of the Gundam stuff so I decided to put it in a post of its own. There is much to see and just about everything is from one booth. I kept my words of not buying anything Gundam. The prices were surprisingly decent though. There were even great deals like the GFFMC RX-782 G3 Gundam + G Fighter for $75 and the GFFMC Zeta Plus for ~$120… and no shipping fee! Too bad I don’t live in Cali to take advantage of it. Nothing to regret though… their biggest failure was lack of SHFiguarts =P.

I want these poster boards…

Many Gundam models on display outside. Most are painted and some are even customized. Really awesome… wish I can say the same for their poses though.

This Gundam actually has articulations!

I was very tempted to  ask the person running the booth if  I can volunteer to repose all of the display models… >_>.

The “Will Shoot Zakus 4 BEER” GM model is freakin’ awesome xD

Most of the models are MGs, but all the PG are present as well as a few HGUC. So yea… everything is present ^^

My favorite… Mobile suits at a bar (G-pub?)

PG Zaku II

Close-up of giant RX-78-2

I like this paintjob!

Awesome diorama

I like the metallic blue on this one

Display cases

This is the biggest amount of Gundam models I’ve ever seen in my life…

and more Gundams

Giant Zaku IIS

There were even special edition models like clear color and pearl types…

Haha so much for these parts being limited edition…

Another wall of Gundams from another dealer.


In case you missed it in my AX post, this is what the booth looks like at the end of the convention x)

30 thoughts on “Anime Expo: The Gundam Booth

  1. the giant zaku at the end is staring at the empty case thinking “Where did all the gundams go D:????” xD

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