Danny Choo x FAKKU! Meetup

The main event and reason  I went to LA for- the chance to meet Danny and everyone else. I’ve only ever heard of FAKKU like only once but never step my virtual foot in their site before so I had no idea what to expect and only just learned that it was a hentai-focused site ^^. However, there was nothing ecchi at all at the meetup so everyone of all ages were able to come. The place, ESPN Zone, was already packed half an hour before Danny came and soon reached max capacity on both floors once he arrived xD.

Big screen TVs everywhere, space was limited, and for like the first two hours or so there was barely any room to sit as people try to come in and mingle.

Danny giving an opening speech to kick things off. I am terrible at taking photos of people… I blame the lens!


In the front center of the room is a table where people can pose their “daughters” for others to photoshoot.

I think Dollfies are pretty and cute… but also just a tad bit creepy ^^;. I like the outfits on them though.

Saber does look good in that outfit ^^. The food and drinks are hello expensive in this place so I didn’t eat anything. I got to converse a little with some of the people there and befriended a fellow comrade who later on showed me more of LA than what I could’ve accomplished by myself (more on that later in my final LA post). Networking FTW. Anyway… After our reservation time was out, we were pretty much immediately chucked out the door. Danny was signing and greeting people the entire time (a good 3 hours) and never got to left the spot where he was standing haha. Waves after waves of people just keep walking in when it seems things are beginning to die down.

So after getting kicked out, we all just gathered around on a sidewalk and continue on. Many people have already left by this time (some came just for an autograph and some left to attend other panels) and it’s just a small group now. Even though this meetup was only supposed to go on until 7:30, Danny stayed to hang out with everyone until 9ish. It’s right here that I actually got to talk to him personally and ask him questions that I’ve always wanted to ask, receive some advice on how to approach life, words of wisdom, and even got to play with his Lumix GF1 (I’ve had my eyes on purchasing one for awhile now) :D.

Reposing the Dollfies

Another trooper. I wanted to take more photos but my camera keeps thinking the memory card is full despite having 1 GB of free space (I learned that deleting images straight from the card on my MBP doesn’t register in the camera so the camera still thinks I am out of space). I had to go through my images and delete some as I shot more.

The maids are <3

One thing I sorta regret was being shy at the time  and not having a longer conversation with Danny and the people around. Everything just seem so surreal at the time… like in my mind, I was just “wow… here I am, actually being able to see and meet one of the most influential person in my life the last few years… here’s the person whose blog I’ve been following since 2006 and been wanting to meet him since… and I’m not even in Japan! This is so awesome! I can’t believe it’s for real!” I don’t know why I was in so much awe (guess you can call it fanboyism if you want). Hope I didn’t creep him out or something ^^;. But yea… he was completely chill and just talk with anyone who wants to talk with him. There was no rush… just all fun and laughters. It was great. I didn’t really chat with Jacob though since I didn’t really know about his site… but now that I think about it, I guess I could’ve asked what does the name FAKKU mean (I’m guessing F*** in katakana… appropriate enough ^^;).

Can you guess which one above is me? haha. I had a lot of fun and this event made the trip to LA all worth it. I was there for all six hours of it! Danny was tremendously nice about spending time with everyone; no matter the number of people, he takes his time with you to talk one-on-one to make sure you can get what you want to say/ask across. That is really admirable. I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to meet so many people. It was all chill and relaxing at the end. I think everyone else also had a great time. Definitely a fond event to remember ^^. Thanks for everything, Danny!

Last two pics I had to steal from FAKKU (NSFW depending on where you work) haha. If you want to see more photos, I’m sure there are plenty of people who posted this event also at figure.fm.

21 thoughts on “Danny Choo x FAKKU! Meetup

        1. While that’s not me, I actually befriended him and he was kind enough to show me around LA and eating all the right food ^^.

    1. mainly about how he self-studied and became proficient in his web developing skills and advices on how to approach it because that is something I aiming for myself.

      One question I forgot to ask was if he’ll ever get back into building Gundam models… xD

  1. I’m kinda shy myself, too afraid to start conversation most of the time with people I’ve never talked with.
    well, sometimes I regret not to talk… most of time maybe.

  2. Yeah, some Dollfies can be creepy, like the one in white skin there.
    Danny sure is an impressive guy, not just his achievements, but his ability to keep cool and get along with people. ^^

    Which one is you? I think Model Zero X got it right. You are the one in white shirt above Jacob, between the guy in blue vest and the one in black with specs.

      1. O.o Oh damn so Asian looking! A little anticlimatic ‘cuz I thought you was supposed to be a little chubby! Like most otakus! I guess there’s all kinds of ppl around the world huh?

  3. lol *facepalm* Why is there people thinking the guy next to the trooper you? I don’t know who shadowz is but hono-san is a regular and should know your face by now… ^^;

  4. same case especially with the people whom I’ve followed for a while. (famous ones)

    and my guess is just the same.

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