Gundam 4koma Contest Update

Alright better make this post before it gets delayed any longer. Okay… THE VERY VERY LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR 4KOMA IS 7/19/2010 11:59 PM PST. After that I’ll start posting up the entries. So if you haven’t submitted anything yet, then here’s your chance. The rules are here and here. Now to make things easier on myself, I’m just going to accept and post all entries regardless of whether you follow the rules or not… but you will only have a chance to win if you do follow it. Simple as that. I’ll be rating each 4koma on a props system (similar to the “Gundam Fight” contest). The one with the most prop points wins (everyone can chime in too). So here’s a little bonus: For 1 extra prop points added to your 4koma, guess correctly the other SHFiguarts behind Kabuto =).

Second bonus props to your 4koma: In the “Time in LA” post, I made exactly three obscure Kamen Rider Kabuto reference. You can have 1 extra points added to your 4koma only if you can spot ALL THREE.

Leave all your answers in the comments. First come first serve. Just throwing it out there.

This post is also to take a look at the stuff I brought back from AX…

Aside from the two SHFiguarts, I managed to get my Gurren Lagann “Believe in the you who believes in yourself” T-shirt signed by none other than Kamina (Katsuyuki Konishi-sama) himself! Obviously I can’t wear this shirt anymore so I’ll have to pick up a new one some time later… xD

Even in person, Konishi-sama sounds a bit like Kamina! Unfortunately, I missed his TTGL panel because I was at Danny’s meetup >_<.

My OTACOOL book signed by Danny Choo. I got the two autographs that I wanted to get so I left AX a very happy man :D. Wished I managed to grab one from Megumi Nakajima too though… ah well ;P.

And that closes my whole AX series of posts! Next is back to Gunpla hopefully…

18 thoughts on “Gundam 4koma Contest Update

  1. S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Double Heat Metal (Completed)
    Am i right? Just found out at 1999

  2. I need to catch up a bit on your previous entries regarding your trip to LA (which I’ll get to), but I’ll give my two cents on those posts later.

    First, even Captain Obvious is bested by others in predicting that I won’t be hopping into any contests anytime soon. I think I still have somewhere the pictures of a previous (and only) attempt of an entry into one of the contests in an honorary way, but even if I finish that up now, I’m sure it’d turn out crappy, as I think an entry of mine for this one would.
    Besides, as I pursue a recent-but-good passion of mine, I’ve suffered cuts to one of my thumbs, and I’m slowly-but-surely taking apart another Gunpla for more minor improvements (rather than hacking away at it as I’ve seen a couple of others on some small websites do). I just hope that–when I get to my Altron ver. EW model to improve it–I don’t have to go to the hospital for suffering a heart attack in reaction to ruining the damn model. :P

    You may have a natural dose of star-struck shyness, Z (I know of one during my youth, but I won’t go into it), but it’s great you’ve met some famous people you follow and got some things signed. But you better at least guard your shirt (if not your other stuff) in years to come, for there will be attempts on their existence for the “reason” that they clutter up stuff. I know it, and I hardly have a thing signed! :)

    This may be a bit off-topic, but but I swear that someone here reading your blog should get you on a trip to Tokyo and get you a job at Bandai and fast:

    I wish I could say how interesting it is that Gundam figures and models can easily turn from a badass representation of a mobile suit design to a kid’s fragile toy, but it isn’t really interesting. I mean, nevermind the Gunpla from AX ’10, that MG Deathscythe is screaming for help to be re-posed!

    1. I wish you a speedy recovery to your wounds! Custom jobs will always have a higher chance of taking a toll on your fingers and make things inconvenience. Do share what you’ve mod when you do finish it ^^.

      Some during the expo suggest that I frame the shirt… but I think I’m just gonna lock it up somewhere and never take a look at it again xD.

      And heh.. I did saw that DS image before and I just shook my head. They really should do a better job displaying it if they want to entice even more people to buy it…

  3. Cool, you got autographs. As for the bonus prop point questions, I would have take a guess at the first but it’s already answered. Didn’t know any Kabuto stuffs for the second except the grandma quote. ^^;

  4. “Grandmother said this, ‘It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy comes from the time spent waiting for it.’”

    At long last, my bowl of LA-men! The shop’s special… Daikoku LA-men!

    Heavenly… just heavenly. The broth was bold and flavorful yet not salty. The meat was well marinated. The noodles were firm and cooked just right. Compared to this, ramen from Portland… TASTE LIKE PIG FOOD!

    Am I right? XD

  5. psshhh…and here I thought it was too late to submit my entry…and now you tell us its not…ah well, not like I could’ve done it even if I had a month. xD I’m that lazy.

      1. yes, you did. I just didn’t really pay much attention…

        They are easy…if you didn’t have to photoshop a few things and get pilot images…wait that’s ok, right? To have an image of the pilot of the mobile suit in the corner of the pic like a manga?

  6. Looks like you had a damn good time, good on ya. I recently got in to the SH Figuarts line as well, picked up the Son Goku and Son Gohan along with Ultimate Kuuga on an impulse.

  7. @Z:
    Well, it was hard to find, but then when i searched, i only found 1 box that has a red label on it name…

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