Shin Musha Gundam Mk II

This is by far the best Musha Gundam Mk II I’ve seen to date. This masterpiece is painted by fellow modeler Lupes and appropriately named “Fang Musha”. The photos and the work itself can do the rest of the talking. You can check out his review in its entirety on this page.


19 thoughts on “Shin Musha Gundam Mk II

  1. I was pretty confused when I got the pingback notification for this on my phone until I went to my dashboard to check it out. ^^; It’s an honor dude, thank you for the shoutout!

  2. I take it that Lupes here is a fan KR W?

    BTW, what do you guys think of the new Rider? The one from the new series that will replace W.

  3. Iv just start to watch KR W dont think i seen Fang Joker yet. the first KR i say was the KR Dragon Knight i think its bassed off of KR Ryuki. i new to KR so my info might be off. any ways iv only what first 11 episodes of KRW it how looted better the KRDK.

    Musha Gundam Mk II is pretty cool model i like it more then the Shin Musha Gundam but not by much there both pretty cool designs

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