Back to Going Astray…

It’s about time I go back to the main focus of this blog and that is reviewing Gunplas (after taking forever to assemble them). There isn’t much left for the Red Frame beside the TA and Gerbera  Straight… but they seem to be the most time consuming haha. I might have to change plans around a little depending on how things around me are going though (summer school). There will be a review or two of some sort this month though be it Gunpla or whatnot…

21 thoughts on “Back to Going Astray…

    1. Those are mostly the parts for the claws and fins. The parts forthr body of the TA and the handle arn’t shown.

  1. Please do a review of the Blue Frame’s extra parts as well and attach the TA the same way as the Blue Frame’s TA =D That would be greatly appreciated as I’m really curious as to How that looks.

  2. Just finished my PG Astray. It’s amazing :D. I’m going to take pics and put them on my blog soon.

    Can’t wait to see how the MG is and how it is compared to my PG. ^^

        1. Just saw the trailer on SRWHotnews.

          Building plamo, really? Imagine this:
          Dying father: “Here son, take my airbrush. It’s dualactioninternalmixgravityfeed0.2mmnozzle and made of solid carbon fibre. Use it well my boy. x__x”
          Protagonist: “FAAAAATHERRRRRRRRRRRRRR”
          *paints his Gunpla*

          *painted crappy gundam > straight build hi-nu*
          *evil hi-nu dies*

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