RG RX-78-2 Gundam US Debut

Normally I don’t “advertise” for anything/anyone on this blog but this is something newsworthy for those who are interested. The RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam will have an exclusive debut at the San Diego Comic Con on the same day as its release in Japan (so you can buy it at the same time with your Japan buddies). That day being July, 22nd… two days from this post. The RG model will be on display (along with many other models) and sold exclusively at the Blue-Fin booth, North America’s sole Gundam model distributor (they supply your US favorite shops like Gundamstoreandmore and Hobbywave). From what I’ve seen at their Anime Expo booth, they do indeed have a great selection and prices were very reasonable and some were great deals ($75 for GFFMC RX-78-3 Gundam? WANT!).

Limited stock.

Apparently there’s already a treasure chest of this model in the US hidden somewhere.

Spec shots of the model in English.

More explanations. I also want this model but… I think I’m gonna give the HLJ Gunpla competition a shot to see if I can win one first xD (someone else can keep the MG V-Dash)

Other Comic-Con exclusives.

You can also pick up the Shin Musha Mk II with the tacky flower stickers too if you missed your chance at it during AX (so much for it being a HK exclusive).

Credit for all this info goes out to the source itself at Blue Fin, NA’s exclusive Gunpla distributor. 


24 thoughts on “RG RX-78-2 Gundam US Debut

  1. I’m actually looking forward to a RG kit, because Bandai’s been showing off the advanced frame for a 1/144 scale. Still hesitating whether to buy though… 2600 yen for a 1/144 scale… =.= That’s equivalent to Seed 1/100 kits…

  2. i’ve already PO-ed for RG in my country
    this guy very awesome and i love RX-78 family ^^
    too bad i’ll have this guy in august because of shipping and customs

  3. haha i’m trying to aim for the rg too if i do win. But hey do you know any news about this being sold here in nyc?

  4. this kit has slowly poisoned me for quite some time now… I don’t mind waiting though I’m also gonna try the HLJ contest.. got my entry ready

  5. Saw pictures of assembled kit already in forums. Looks good for sure, and the price isn’t too bad for something that is like the 1/144 of a MG. Probably won’t get it in the near future since I still have lots of HG 1/144 to do, and I am not so into inner frames (just a personal thing). As for limited stuff, nothing is really limited to a certain event or place really. Pick the G3 OYW ver for example. It was a Chara Hobby exclusive back then (heck even the box “art” labels as so), but then it popped up in AFA later that year, as well as the Gundam Expo Hong Kong at the end of the year!

  6. More interested in the Zaku II coming up. This one looks too similar to the HG that already exists, but with a better frame. The sliding armor looks very cheesy and gimmicky, unlike those in MG or PG kits.

    But I still applaud Bandai for being able to make something so small look so nice. Nice job!

    1. nah, it should be RX-78.
      it’s a milestone of a new history in gunpla ^^

      btw, this marks my first and only (maybe) RX-78.
      no RX-78 ever poison me except this one.

      1. HGUC Hi-Nu just came out. And Sazabi wasn’t too far back either. Maybe RG Zeta that transforms, or GP01 that swaps to FB, or –dare I say it– RG DENDROBRIUM that costs even more?? :O:O Props to Bandai if they can sell 100 of those. ;D

  7. already PO-ed my RG, but who knows when it’ll arrive here due to shipping =/
    I’m very excited as I’ve been following the assembly report (and re-posted it to my blog :p)

  8. Dat English. :0

    Didn’t preorder the RG due to limited cash. I plan on hopefully getting it after the release. This looks like a phenomenal kit of my favorite MS.

    Hopefully I’ll get to pick it up at NY Comic Con.

  9. Do you know a RX-78-2 that comes with all the accessories that is 1/44 because it seems this one doesn’t have a gundam javalin. :L

    1. The accessories like gundam hammer, gundam javalin, rocket launcher, beam saber, gun and that gimmick with the core fight. :L
      Thank you.

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