Sinanju in Action

The video says it all. Lots of action and giant beams(!). Just a few more months!

From Ngee Khiong


14 thoughts on “Sinanju in Action

  1. Sinanju alone is enough excitement. Add that with the Red Comet and Unicorn in action, whew, I can’t wait for it to come out like everyone too. ^^

  2. wait what the craker jacks two episodes a year, i mean i dont smoke or anything but that seems like they where high when the thought about that games plan what is the reason for this

    1. dunno if they’ll change the schedule in the future, but currently they are handling 4 different gundam anime at the same time.
      – Gundam Unicorn
      – Gundam 00 Movie
      – SD Gundam Sangokuden.
      – Gunpla Beginners G

  3. Ok this sounds good then cant complain they are giving us more the just one gundam i see why. I would love too see that gunpla one.

    1. I’d rather the Gunpla one be more of a tutorial on how to build Gunpla, like that series with pros building Gunpla somewhere on Youtube. It was in Jap though, so I couldn’t understand some of the more complicated stuff they were doing :(

      Otherwise, it feels more like a giant joke/fanservice.
      Animated Hi-Nu (in funky colours)? Fanservice.
      Bear Acguy? Pure lolsssss.

      Not to say I won’t enjoy it, I just want MOAR UNICORN. I think I wet myself when I saw Sinanju take on the ship BY HIMSELF <3

      @hiroy_raind You forgot Seed movie ;)

  4. I know u are so right. I have been doing gunpla for a couple months now and put them on youtube but had to find out most of the hard stuff by myself. And yeah i couls not belive what i saw in that vid wit sinanju. I plan on doing the master grad for that gundamn. It reminds me so much of my hi nu custom that i did. And its big as well as on of the best articuated mg i have seen yet.

  5. And another thing this guy that pilots sinanju reminds me of char this is wierd. And i swear it sounds like bananji i hope i spelled his name right, but it sounds like hi says char.

  6. I’m 90% sure that bandai’s gonna release a MG Sinanju OVA ver. before or after the 2nd ep is out…..
    sure is a good thing that i haven’t bought a Sinanju yet as I prefer the OVA redesign of it

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