Kamen Rider Kabuto

Got curious about the whole Kamen Rider stuff after the announcement of the MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker, so thought I’d give the Tokusatsu infomercial series a peek. Started out with W but since it is still airing (I’m up to 39 currently), I hopped over to Kamen Rider Kabuto and finished it early last month. I heard many positive feedbacks about this series and after finishing it, I think it rocks. There is an actual  plot, twists and turns, a decent storyline, a good sense of comedy, awesome fight scenes and character developments that is worth caring about. You can read more about it on its wiki page if this piqued your interest since I don’t want to ramble too much about it ^^;. This isn’t my first time watching Kamen Rider though; I remember back when I was like maybe 5 I was watching Kamen Rider Black RX… in Chinese.

This video just sums up the awesomeness of the series :D

Honorable mention to my favorite character in the series

Gotta love him for the lawls he provided xD.

Grandmother said this, “My quotes are awesome”


23 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Kabuto

  1. how about watching kamen rider decade the last few episodes are quite interesting and black rx is in it well all the previous riders are in it

  2. I remember watching Mask Rider Black (it was translated when it got here) when I was a kid. sadly no memories of the episode but it was one of the shows that gave me interest on sentai

  3. i still think kabuto is the best heisei era kamen rider, very cool main protagonist both in actor and his rider form, and really like kagami’s character development.

    you must watch all 10 series left of heisei kamen rider Z, they have unique stories each ^^

  4. LOL, I can’t sqeeze this one right now, with so many senseless anime in the backlog that I just had to finish, and the fact Im watching W, Blade and Kiva at the same time^^;;;

    No Gattack/Arata Kagami

  5. Kabuto was great, but it had plot holes, unexplained factors, and rushed ending.
    It had good main characters, costume, and concept though.

    I recommend Agito, Ryuuki, & Blade.

  6. Hiroy sums up Kabuto for the most part. It was the first Kamen Rider Series I watched when I got into toku back in 2006. Back then, I loved it. Now? Not so much.

    The costume designs for the Rider forms (especially those of Kabuto, Gatack, and Sasword) were and still are some of Heisei era’s best Rider designs. The action was great, and Tsurugi/Sasword and Cassisworm are amongst my favorite Heisei era characters. But there were so many questions left unanswered and plot holes left unaddressed.

    I’d say give Den-O a try if you want a good laugh, Agito or Blade if you want a compelling story, and the first… 30 episodes Hibiki if you want something out of the ordinary.

  7. you should watch kamen rider decade…the serie was so cool that it brought me back to kamen rider franchise and starting to buying figuarts.

  8. lol.
    Kabuto is interesting one. (NOT TO MENTION THAT LAME Zecter Sword on Hyper Form)

    i tought i going to drop tokusatsu series from Den-O 2nd Movie, since there sooo much Hole in the plot, and its an Awkward one. yet, kabuto is among the Best series in kamen rider franchise.

    i think Kiva gave me bit nice story – drama

  9. Thanks for the series recommendations but… I’ve already finished everything from Kabuto to Decade :D. Not really fond of Hibiki and Blade’s design though so maybe I’ll start on Faiz next.

    1. Yawn…, thanks for advertising! Actually I’m the one who uploaded the ‘Very Intense Japanese Cooking Competition’,hahaha,never expect to see it here! XD

        1. Hahaha,actually I’ve stopped uploading stuffs,kinda fed up. I prefer to visit other youtube accounts & blogs!^_^;

    2. You have got to watch Blade. The suit design may not be the best but I love the story and the drama. Blade is one of my all time favorite series.

      And oh, Chalice FTW!

      Btw, have you watched some of Den-O’s movies?

      1. I’ll give Blade a try when I can get over that “cone head” of his ^^;. and I’ve seen all the Den-O movies minus the Cho-Den-O stuff.

    3. Yeah you should watch Faiz.
      I think it has the best story for the heisei rider, and the concept is very cool, because they need to carry their belt everywhere and not just magically pop out of the 4th dimension or something.

  10. Faiz is my favorite Hisei series. The rider designs are certainly up there, probably second to Kabuto. The characters I think are far more compelling as well. After you watch it definitely check out the movie though, it’s one of the best Kamen Rider movies.

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