Gundam 4Koma Winner

Sorry for making this post so late ^^;. Been really busy with everything outside of blogging lately (and still am). Due to these circumstances, I have shortened the decision process for myself and just rate the top three. I would’ve like to go over every single one but that takes too much time and I don’t have that sort of thing at the moment. Now without further ado…


– I got a laugh

– Double meanings of “model” and “Hi Nu bares all”

– 4koma format

– creativity


– Scenario can be better; The “Darling/Honey” thing doesn’t really work here unless they were figures of Kira/Lacus or something

Props: 5 Dings: 3


– Turn A Mario, that mustache is a definitive win

– Creativity

– The nasty sink- This would be a ding but props for having the nerve to use it. It’s quite unpleasant but at least it’s not fecal matter in a toilet…

– 4koma format


– While creative, not exactly funny.

– Could’ve utilized a better scenario for Mario.


O Gundam: “Ok guys, I just checked the rules for the 4Koma, it says no non-gundams. That means that Nendo Hatsune Miku can’t make a cameo like the 2 of you wanted.”

Gundam Dynames & Reborns Gundam: “What!? NOOoooo!!!” *falls and collapses*

O Gundam: “….Looks like it’s between you and me again Exia!”
Gundam Exia: “!!”

*falls and collapses*

Narrator: “Hey Z, this is what you wanted right? 4 Gundams in a coma? I assuming that you made a typo for the C. :P”


– Good pun (4coma)… I wouldn’t have thought of it ^^;


– Could have been more well executed

Winner Goes to “NAKED MODELS”! Trust me… it was not an easy decision at all. Well… it was certainly a competitive contest and we all got to see some cool stuff. Another contest comes and goes like that. Though this time… I feel like it could’ve been done better though in terms of setup and organization. I admit I had to rush things so some things weren’t going as planned and things got messy. Hope you all enjoy this one at least a bit.

Special mentions: Not even my, Grasp Victory, Couple, and Quarrel. Thank you everyone for joining! You all can claim your 4koma now ^^

Winner, I’ll email you in a bit.

Lastly, I’m working on a figure review right now. Stay tuned.


26 thoughts on “Gundam 4Koma Winner

  1. I still prefer ‘Couple’ and ‘Gundam Seed Destiny Real Ending’. Btw congratulations to the winner!

  2. I didn’t win but I at least I was in the top three. ^ ^;
    I had other ideas but not enough time. ^ ^;

    Congrats to the winner!

    1. Glad that you can recognized it! The completion post is still going to a take a bit though…

      Yeah…they don’t show up in my blog that often. ^ ^;

      Those 4 plus my incomplete OverFlag and MG Exia is my entire collection. And HG Arios still haven’t been open…

  3. So the winner is “Naked Models” in the end. Congratz to the winner.

    Too bad I’m not in the top three but at least I fared better than the previous one. XP

    Mine are “Not Even My…” and “You Cheated!!!” BTW.

  4. well congratulations on the winner. ^0^ the double meaning mag was a great idea…. you will get this if you have a somewhat “green mind” XD

  5. Sweet! I won! Despite the stiff competition!!! YAY! \(”,)/

    From the style of the 4Komas, i’m pretty sure it’s quite obvious that my entries were “Kira” and “Naked Models”.

    I had another one crafted out after Z told me that my use of Nendoroid L didn’t comply with the rules. Seeing that it didn’t appear in the final list, so i thought i’d share it here:

    Finally, thanks to all who voted for me, and a big thumbs up to those entries that gave me a good laugh. Cheers! ^^

  6. I have some two cents to drop into the slot regarding the contest in general, but I guess I might not get the chance to later on (as was the case before with a couple of other topics)…

    …But I had a little chuckle at (1/144) Turn A Mario, there. I keep treating these models as representations of MSs (and still do), so I’ve gotta give props to such creativity. But it’s not big enough for Mario. :P

    1. Actually, upon re-reading the comment I made above (which I made in a hurry), I think I’ve made my point clearly about how I’d approach it. In fact, it was kind-of how I started to attempt an entry of a previous contest (though with worms as pilots), but a bit off the wall here and there. Maybe I’d make a little photo-by-photo choreographed fight or something, I’m not sure… *shrug*

      But since some packages have arrived recently, that idea will have to wait. I still have to upload a couple of photos on DA (if I can find the memory card I’ve put ’em on), but I’m also going to be starting on building the 1/144 Kapool. (Not long after the RD version came out, and the announcement of Corin’s Kapool as a limited item.) Maybe my growing collection of TAG-related models might be a little blessing, should I go forward for doing something like that for the heck of it. *shrug*

    2. Do let me know your two cents. Like I said, I thought this contest got a bit messy and disorganized so it’ll be cool to hear your opinion (and anyone else’s) on whatever it is about the contest.

      1. Well, when I re-read that comment up there that I made in a hurry, what I did was condense all my thoughts into something simpler, but didn’t realize it. The thoughts mainly centering around the fact that when people enter these contests and you make little fights for your Gunpla after a new review, you and others tend to treat the Gunpla more as representations of people or droids rather than as Mobile Suits.
        I observed that, noting it was probably a weakness of mine to go the other way in a previous (and honorary) attempt at entering a contest of yours. But maybe one can be made that way, whether comedic or otherwise, and maybe I can try that sometime sooner or later. Whether it’s after I finished my Kapool and expect an MG to finally come my way, or when I can make my 1/144 SUMOs actually look golden and silver (or peach and white/very-light-gray, as it technically looks within the anime’s limitations), or some other time… *shrug*

          1. Well, to clarify, let’s use the top three entries for this contest that are displayed above… Notice that the Gunpla are there as people? Freedom looking at a magazine, Civ Astray in need of a plumber, the reaction of mecha in “4Coma”… It’s not how I’d imagine MSs would operate.

            But I’m not knocking the concept of using Gunpla in a story as if they were people (and not operated by people), as it would allow for more possibilities of originality. I just note that while noting how, if I were to participate in a contest like this, I’d probably work under the premise of MSs operated by people, rather than having the Gunpla drink and do the disco or something. That would limit my options of approaching the entering of a contest like this, even if I do a couple of things off the wall.

            1. I see what you mean. I’m also guilty of that xD I think it is fine as long as it is in character (or in a twisted sense of the character). Most of my inspirations come from the 4komas at the end of the GW:G-G-G-G-G-UNIT (sorry, I just had to…) mangas that I read ages ago and the old original SD Gundam anime.

  7. hey Z, whats up.
    I have my own wordpress and would like to know what you think.
    maybe ou could give me some tips and stuff cuz im going to start reviews inspired by yours.

  8. Oh well, at least my Quarrel got special mention.
    I still can’t manage to get 100% out of my idea, 4koma is hard and now I know it for sure.

    congrats for the winner!

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