Halting All Gunpla Projects

I have some bits of bad news but it’s not as serious as the title might sound ^^;. But as it implies, I need to halt building Gundam models until at least the end of August (and then maybe indefinitely… just kidding). That means I won’t have my MG Astray Red Frame review out until maybe September. I truly apologize so please forgive me. It’s that I’m now on the third term of summer school (Japanese 203) and I want to make sure I do real well in this one as well so I need all the time I can to study. I have class everyday and work 3-4 days a week so time is hard to spare right now. Usually if I don’t have the whole day to spend on my project, I won’t work on it ^^;.

While there might not be any Gunpla reviews, there will be plenty of other reviews planned along the way so it’s not like this blog will be dead for a month or something. Thank you for your continuing support!

Lancelot Albion Ver. Ka Review

Here’s a good way to kick off a new month- Review for the Composite Ver. Ka Lancelot Albion! Didn’t know where to put it so I threw it in the “Random” section of the blog. Be warned though… There is bashing and ranting in it. The photos might look a bit odd and off in the review because I did the photoshoot with my GF1 instead of my XSi since I am still unfamiliar with its capabilities. Practice makes perfect!

Thanks for looking!